Bona Fide Request (BFR definition

Bona Fide Request (BFR means the process described in Attachment 08 – Bona Fide Request (BFR).
Bona Fide Request (BFR means the process described in BFR Attachment.
Bona Fide Request (BFR. The process CLEC must use (1) to submit a request to obtain access to a Network Element to which CenturyLink is required to provide access on an unbundled basis under Applicable Law, but which Network Element is new, undefined or not otherwise available under the terms of this Agreement; (2) when facilities and equipment are not Currently Available; (3) when CLEC requests that CenturyLink provide a Network Element on an unbundled basis that is superior or inferior in quality than those that CenturyLink provides to itself; and (4) to request certain other services, features, capabilities or functionality defined and agreed upon by the Parties as services to be ordered via the BFR process on an individual case basis (ICB).

Examples of Bona Fide Request (BFR in a sentence

  • The Parties shall establish, through negotiations, at least one (1) of the following Interconnection arrangements, at any Technically Feasible point: (1) a DS1 or DS3 Qwest-provided facility; (2) Collocation; (3) negotiated Mid- Span Meet POI facilities; or (4) other Technically Feasible methods of Interconnection via the Bona Fide Request (BFR) process unless a particular arrangement has been previously provided to a third party, or is offered by Qwest as a product.

More Definitions of Bona Fide Request (BFR

Bona Fide Request (BFR means the process described in the General Terms and Conditions – Part A, Section 78 Bona Fide Request/New Business Process provisions.
Bona Fide Request (BFR means the process described in Attachment 08 - Bona Fide Request (BFR}.

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