Service Request definition

Service Request means a request for service such as adds, moves, changes and technical assistance;
Service Request means a request for a change for information
Service Request means the request sent by a Network User, with the purpose to subscribe to Transmission Services.

Examples of Service Request in a sentence

  • Upon notification of available space, Pathnet will be required to send a completed Access Service Request (“ASR”) form to GTE’s collocation point of contact.

  • Ordering and Provisioning: Engineered Initial Service Order - New Service applies per Local Service Request (LSR) when engineering work activity is required to complete the order, e.g. digital loops.

  • The requesting Party will reroute the DID numbers to the pre-positioned trunk group using an Local Service Request (LSR).

More Definitions of Service Request

Service Request means a request from a Customer for support, delivery, information, advice or documentation, which is not related to an incorrect functioning or non-functioning of the Product(s).
Service Request means a request for assistance, submitted by the customer through a Telarus service channel.
Service Request means a request placed by a customer through phone/online/email/branch.
Service Request means a request to provide You with information or advice in respect of the Cloud Service and/or Locally Installed Components which is not considered as an Incident or a Change Request.
Service Request means a request made to a service provider by its consumer pertaining to his account, and includes:
Service Request means a request for a service as part of the Managed Service;
Service Request means any requests from customers e.g., a request for more relevant information advice, service access, change customer data, request for help, or else.