Service Request definition

Service Request means a request for service such as adds, moves, changes and technical assistance;
Service Request means a request for a change for information
Service Request means the request sent by a Network User, with the purpose to subscribe to Transmission Services.

Examples of Service Request in a sentence

  • Successful bidder will have to ensure that adequate number of dedicated technical service personals / engineers are designated / deployed for attending to the Service Request in a time bound manner and for ensuring Timely Servicing / rectification of defects during warranty period, as per Service level agreement indicated in the relevant clause of the bid.

  • December 2014) Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification Give Form to the requester.

  • As used in the Interconnection Service Agreement or Construction Service Agreement, Facilities Study shall mean that certain Facilities Study conducted by Transmission Provider (or at its direction) to determine the design and specification of the Interconnection Facilities necessary to accommodate the New Service Customer’s New Service Request in accordance with Section 207 of Part VI of the Tariff.

  • Access Service Request (ASR): The industry service order format used by Access Service Customers and access providers as agreed to by the Ordering and Billing Forum.

  • If Applicant fails to complete either (i) or (ii), then Transmission Provider shall deem the New Service Request to be terminated and withdrawn.

More Definitions of Service Request

Service Request means a request from a Customer for support, delivery, information, advice or documentation, which is not related to an incorrect functioning or non-functioning of the Product(s).
Service Request means a request for assistance, submitted by the customer through a Telarus service channel.
Service Request means the document used to order (also includes moves, adds, changes or deletes) CALNET 3 services such as a Form 20, STD. 65 or other Entity authorized procurement document.
Service Request means a request placed by a customer through phone/online/email/branch.
Service Request means a written or electronic request for the supply of a new Wholesale Service or Ancillary Service, or a move, add, change or termination of an existing Wholesale Service or Ancillary Service provided by the LFC under this Agreement, issued by the Service Provider to the LFC in accordance with the Operations Manual applicable to that Service; Service Start Date means the date that the LFC activates or otherwise makes available a Service ordered by the Service Provider;
Service Request. Service Requests” are general inquires related to fulfilling standard changes, responding to requests for information, and fulfilling requests for access to Services. Service Requests are initiated by the Customer opening a ticket with LightEdge Operations via phone, email, or the Service Portal. Claims & Exclusions SLA Credit Request Process Service Level Agreements (or SLAs) define availability, performance and other requirements of LightEdge in providing the Service(s). Remedies for LightEdge not meeting the requirements of these SLAs are defined below. Customer must request any financial remedy within 30 days of the event giving rise to the request by contacting LightEdge Accounting and requesting an “SLA Credit”. A Trouble Ticket, opened with LightEdge Operations, must accompany Customer’s request for SLA Credit. SLA Credits will appear on Customer’s xxxx within two (2) billing cycles. SLA Credit Calculations In any calendar year, Customer’s aggregated SLA Credits may not exceed, for any Service, four (4) months’ worth of the monthly Service fees for the affected Service. In any billing month SLA Credits may not exceed, for any Service, fifty (50) percent of the monthly Service fees for the affected Service. SLA Credits are specific to the Service affected. Where Service is comprised of many different components, SLA Credits will be reasonably applied to the affected component monthly charges. For example, if Customer is contracted for ten (10) Bare Metal blades and one (1) blade is affected by a Service outage, the SLA Credit will be calculated relative to the monthly contract value for that affected one (1) Service component, not the nine (9) unaffected Service components. SLA Credits are exclusive of any applicable taxes, fees, or one-time charges. SLA Exclusions SLAs do not apply and LightEdge is not responsible for failure to meet an SLA resulting from: - failure of Customer to comply with other LightEdge agreement terms including the LightEdge MSA and AUP. - failure of Customer to cooperate with LightEdge during testing, installation, maintenance or troubleshooting activities. - Service interruptions, deficiencies, degradations caused by 3rd party service providers (outside of LightEdge control). - Force Majeure as defined in the LightEdge MSA. - outages or impact caused by Customer, including applications, equipment, facilities or users of Service. - failure to adhere to LightEdge recommended configurations as documented in Service Guides. - f...