System Software definition

System Software means Software that provides the operating and management instructions for the underlying hardware and other components, and is identified as such in Appendix 4 of the Contract Agreement and such other Software as the parties may agree in writing to be Systems Software. Such System Software includes, but is not restricted to, micro-code embedded in hardware (i.e., “firmware”), operating systems, communications, system and network management, and utility software.
System Software as used herein shall mean all Software supplied by Contractor pursuant this Agreement. References to the System Software may include one or more components or modules thereof or all System Software in the System.
System Software means an item of Software that is pre-loaded on an item of Hardware purchased by Lessor for lease hereunder for which the relevant Purchase Documents specify no purchase price separate from the aggregate purchase price specified for such items of Hardware and Software.

Examples of System Software in a sentence

  • Server shall be accessed using a web browser over Owner intranet and remotely over the Internet.B. Graphic software shall facilitate user-friendly interface to all aspects of the System Software.

  • The System Software, Services, Maintenance Services, Product, Updates and Deliverables provided or delivered hereunder are at the current release level unless an Authorized User specifies an older version in its order or SOW.

  • DoD-STD-2167A, "Defense System Software Development" - This software development regulation establishes requirements to be applied during acquisition, development or support of software standards.

  • DoD-STD-21 67A, "Defense System Software Development" - This standard establishes uniform requirements for software development applicable throughout the system life-cycle.

  • This entry in the “500” will cover several subjects, including:• MCP 12.0/SSR 53.1 System Software update• Preliminary MCP 14.0/SSR 54.1 System Software update• 2010.1 MISERnet enhancements• 2010.1 database reorganization update• Other items to be determined – we’re just waiting on sponsors to come forward.Time should be available in the Winner’s Circle after the checkered flag for autographs, pictures, and general questions.

More Definitions of System Software

System Software means a set of statements or instructions that interacts with operating system software that is developed, licensed, and intended for the exclusive use of data processing professionals to build, test, manage, or maintain application computer software for which a license agreement is signed by the licensor and licensee at the time of the transfer of the software and that is not transferred to the licensee as part of or in conjunction with a sale or lease of computer hardware.
System Software means Software that provides basic hardware functionality and provides a platform for applications to run (e.g., firmware and BIOS software), and any Software specifically designated by Dell as System Software the purpose of which is to operate and manage the Products in which it is embedded.
System Software means Software that provides the operating and management instructions for the underlying hardware and other components.
System Software means software programs that run in the background, enabling Applications to run, and any Security Patches or upgrades thereto, including assemblers, compilers, file management tools, and the operating system itself.
System Software means the computer software incorporated into the System, as further described in Schedule 1, Part 2 (not including the Platform Software, or any third party development tools, such as Microsoft Development Tools);
System Software means that software delivered by TSG to Customer.
System Software means the Firmware furnished and licensed to Customer under the Software License Agreement between Copper Mountain and Customer to be executed concurrently with this Agreement.