Operating Software definition

Operating Software means those routines, whether or not identified as Program Products, that reside in the Equipment and are required for the Equipment to perform its intended function(s), and which interface the operator, other Contractor-supplied programs, and user programs to the Equipment.
Operating Software means those routines, whether or not Section 12100), and 3.6 (commencing with Section 12125)
Operating Software as used herein shall mean all Application Operating Software to be supplied by Contractor pursuant to this Agreement.

Examples of Operating Software in a sentence

  • If microcode or Operating Software residing in the Equipment is necessary for the proper operation of the Equipment, a failure of such microcode or Operating Software which prevents the accomplishment of the Equipment’s intended functions shall be deemed to be an Equipment Failure.

More Definitions of Operating Software

Operating Software means the proprietary software for the TRUCE System which is provided by TRUCE for installation on a User Device, and has the capability of reducing or minimizing the functionality of that User Device when that User Device is located in a Covered Environment. In configurations of the TRUCE System which include a TRUCE Beacon, the Operating Software interacts with the TRUCE Beacon.
Operating Software means – software that controls basic, low-level server hardware operations, and file management, without the user thereof having to operate it; and1. application software, purchased from, or rented by, Itec to the Customer, as selected by Customer and indicated on the Service Order. Such purchase or rental is additional to the Rack Space service and as such, additional service fees apply;
Operating Software means the third party owned software to be supplied by County in accordance with the minimum requirements provided by Contractor pursuant to Paragraph 11.
Operating Software means those routines, whether or not section 12100), and
Operating Software means the operating system or other software that is installed on the Hardware, but expressly excludes the Products.