Embedded Software definition

Embedded Software means one or more software applications which permanently reside on a computing device.
Embedded Software means software necessary for operation of goods and embedded in and delivered as an integral part of goods.
Embedded Software means any programmable instructions

Examples of Embedded Software in a sentence

  • Supplier must specify in writing and prior to Delivery all open source software contained in or used by Embedded Software, if any, and request Customer’s written approval.

  • If Purchasing Entity subsequently transfers title of the Product to another entity, Purchasing Entity shall have the right to transfer the license to use the Embedded Software with the transfer of Product title.

  • Transfer of title to the Product shall include an irrevocable and perpetual license to use any Embedded Software in the Product.

  • To the extent that the Goods contain Embedded Software, ownership of such Embedded Software will not pass to Customer, but Supplier shall grant, or – as applicable – shall procure that the third party owner grants, Cus- tomer and all users a worldwide, irrevocable, perpetual, transferable, non-exclusive, royalty-free right to use the Embedded Software as in- tegral part of such Goods and/or for servicing either of them.

  • To the extent any goods contain Embedded Software (defined below) that is not Buyer’s Property, no title to such Embedded Software shall pass to Buyer, and Supplier shall grant Buyer, its customers and all other users a non-exclusive worldwide, irrevocable, perpetual, royalty-free right to use, load, install, execute, demonstrate, market, test, resell, sublicense and distribute such Embedded Software as an integral part of such goods or for servicing the goods (the “Buyer-Required License”).

More Definitions of Embedded Software

Embedded Software will mean the software and/or firmware embedded or preinstalled on the Hardware.
Embedded Software means embedded or bundled third-party software, including open source software. A ‘Release” means the periodic provision of updates or modifications which Bidder, in its discretion, may incorporate into the Solution. A ‘Supported Release’ shall mean the immediately preceding Release, or other Releases made available in the previous twelve (12) months)
Embedded Software means any third party software which may contain Accessible Code or Protected Code licensed by Deswik from a third party and embedded in the Software. Error means a verifiable and reproducible failure of the Software to conform in any material respect to the published specifications under conditions of normal use.
Embedded Software means the software and/or firmware embedded or preinstalled on the Flock Hardware or Agency Hardware.
Embedded Software means any software component embedded in the Hardware.
Embedded Software means any programmable instructions provided
Embedded Software means third-party firmware licensed from third parties that is embedded in equipment for which the actual source code is inaccessible to the Company and its Subsidiaries.