Embedded Software definition

Embedded Software means any programmable instructions
Embedded Software means one or more software applications which permanently reside on a computing device.
Embedded Software will mean the software and/or firmware embedded or preinstalled on the Flock Hardware.

Examples of Embedded Software in a sentence

  • The TOE optionally comprises a specific application in User NVM: this applicative Embedded Software is a cryptographic library called Neslib.

  • AUG4.O.Mem-Access Dynamic Area based Memory Access Control:The TOE must provide the Security IC Embedded Software with the capability to define dynamic memory segmentation and protection.

  • These assets are described above.98 Application note:The TOE providing a functionality for Security IC Embedded Software secure loading into NVM, the ES is considered as User Data being stored in the TOE’s memories at this step, and the Protection Profile security concerns are extended accordingly.

  • Hence, Security IC Embedded Software may need to use another SHA to achieve a suitable strength.16/124 SMD_ST31G480_ST_14_002 ST31G480 A05 platform Security Target for composition DESFire or MFPlus is embedded on the TOE by ST.

  • The System ROM and ST NVM of the TOE contain a Dedicated Support Software, which provides low-level functions (called Flash Drivers), enabling the Security IC Embedded Software (ES) to modify and manage the NVM contents.

More Definitions of Embedded Software

Embedded Software means software licensed by Data Innovations from a third party to be distributed to You with the Software that is automatically installed with the Software.
Embedded Software. : means software necessary for operation of Goods and embedded in and delivered as integral part of Goods, however excluding any other software, which shall be subject to a separate licence agreement;
Embedded Software means any programmable instructions provided
Embedded Software means embedded or bundled third-party software, including open source software. A ‘Release” means the periodic provision of updates or modifications which Bidder, in its discretion, may incorporate into the Solution. A ‘Supported Release’ shall mean the immediately preceding Release, or other Releases made available in the previous twelve (12) months)
Embedded Software means any software provided as an included part of the Software that is owned by one or more third parties and licensed to Telstra or its licensors.