Licensed Software definition

Licensed Software means the Symantec software product, in object code form, accompanying this License Agreement, including any Documentation included in, or provided for use with, such software or that accompanies this License Agreement.
Licensed Software means Contractor’s software set forth in Appendix E, including Source Code and object code versions of such software, in whatever form or media, together with all Upgrades and Documentation thereto.

Examples of Licensed Software in a sentence

  • The License Agreement accompanying the Licensed Software does not alter any rights or obligations Licensee may have under those open source or free software licenses.

  • Seller (and its licensor(s), if applicable) retains all title to the intellectual property related to all material and Licensed Software provided under this Agreement, all of which are owned by Seller, or its licensor(s), are protected by copyright laws, and are to be treated like any other copyrighted material.

  • The READ ME also contains copyright statements for the various open source software components (or portions thereof) that are distributed with the Licensed Software.

  • Subject to Buyer’s compliance with the terms of this Agreement, Seller grants to Buyer and Buyer accepts a nontransferable, nonexclusive license, without the right to sublicense, to use the Licensed Software in the ordinary and normal operation of the Product on which it is installed or with which it is intended to be used under this license.

  • Buyer’s transfer of the Licensed Software as authorized herein must be under terms consistent with and no less stringent than the terms set forth in this Agreement.

More Definitions of Licensed Software

Licensed Software means the applications, databases, software, tools and components owned or licensed by Customer (other than any Subscription Software) which Customer provides to SAP to be hosted in the Cloud Service.
Licensed Software means the object code version of the Licensor computer program(s) listed above, their Documentation, and other supplemental materials, as provided to Licensee by Licensor, including but not limited to any software security keys relating thereto. The Documentation may be delivered electronically and may only be available in the English language. The Licensed Software will be accompanied by a license key where required for activation and use of the Licensed Software. The Licensed Software shall also include, and this License Agreement shall govern the use of any update to the Licensed Software that Licensee receives pursuant to a separate support and/or maintenance purchase as described in Section 6 below, unless such update contains or comes with a different end user license agreement, in which case such end user license agreement shall supersede this License Agreement and govern the use of such software license without need for a mutually executed amendment to this License Agreement as set forth in Section 17 of this License Agreement. This License Agreement does not grant Licensee the right to any updates to the Licensed Software unless provided by Licensor under Section 6 and/or Section 7 below.
Licensed Software means the version of the applications, databases, software, tools and components owned or licensed by Customer (other than any Subscription Software) which Customer provides to SAP as part of the Cloud Services.
Licensed Software means all and any Software licensed by or through the Supplier, its Sub-Contractors or any third party to the Customer for the purposes of or pursuant to this Call Off Contract, including any Supplier Software, Third Party Software and/or any Specially Written Software;
Licensed Software as used herein, shall mean computer program(s) acquired from Contractor under an agreement whereby the State acquires the right to use the product but does NOT acquire the licensor's: (1) title to the product nor, (2) liability for payment of any tax levied upon the product, nor (3) liability for payment of any liability/casualty premium for the product.
Licensed Software means any Consultant-Owned Software and any Third-Party Software provided by the Consultant pursuant to this Agreement.