Client Software definition

Client Software means software that allows a Device to access or utilize the services or functionality provided by the Server Software.
Client Software means software that is installed on a Device that allows the Device to access or utilize the Products.
Client Software means that portion of the software to be distributed to End Users for installation on personal computers or other devices and designed to enable such end users to remotely access, and interact with, the Server Software via the Internet.

Examples of Client Software in a sentence

Approving Oracle IRM Client Software 1.2.4 Network Use Considerations‌‌Oracle IRM Desktop must periodically communicate with Oracle IRM Server to obtain decryption keys and licenses to use sealed documents.

User can also listen to the voice from the Client Software and the WEB via the DVR audio output ports.

You may not make any copies of the SOFTWARE PRODUCTS; provided, however, that you may (a) make one (1) copy of Client Software on your Device as expressly authorized by Dimension Network & Communication Limited; and (b) you may make copies of certain Redistribution Software in accordance with Paragraph 4 (Use of Redistribution Software).

SAP HANA Client Software: Customer may market and sublicense the HANA Client Software only for use in conjunction with Customer’s own products.

Customer may not install files, as set forth at Client+redistributable+files, into the HANA Client Software default install path.

More Definitions of Client Software

Client Software is Vocera-provided software that operates on a Vocera Communications Badge or other client device supported by Vocera (e.g. a smartphone) (“Authorized Client Device”). “Server Software” is Vocera-provided software that operates on server hardware platforms at your site, including both standard and optional components. “Hosted Service” means the provision of and access to the Vocera Care Transition Software and related services either at your site and/or via secure electronic access over the Internet provided to you by Vocera and/or its designee. Defined terms used in this EULA, but not defined herein, are defined in the Supplemental Terms and Conditions in Attachment 3.
Client Software means the components of the software that allow a device to access or use the server software or to use certain aspects of the server software.
Client Software allows an electronic device (“Device”) to access or utilize the Server Software.
Client Software means the components of the Software that permit access to Server Software from another device.
Client Software means software sold, provided or distributed to the users and therefore, to be loaded onto the user's personal computer.
Client Software is software that is intended for use on a computer workstation, and that allows an end user to access and utilize the services of Server Software.
Client Software means the Software You have received from Actian with this Agreement, including all Updates, that operates on a computing Device and allows such Device to be incorporated into a Communications Network and access the Server Software through the Communications Network.