Client Software definition

Client Software means software that allows a Device to access or utilize the services or functionality provided by the Server Software.
Client Software means software that is installed on a Device that allows the Device to access or utilize the Products.
Client Software is Vocera-provided software that operates on a Vocera Communications Badge or other client device supported by Vocera (e.g. a smartphone) (“Authorized Client Device”). “Server Software” is Vocera-provided software that operates on server hardware platforms at your site, including both standard and optional components. “Hosted Service” means the provision of and access to the Vocera Care Transition Software and related services either at your site and/or via secure electronic access over the Internet provided to you by Vocera and/or its designee. Defined terms used in this XXXX, but not defined herein, are defined in the Supplemental Terms and Conditions in Attachment 3.

Examples of Client Software in a sentence

  • To the extent the Service requires You to install Client Software, You and Your Users are granted a limited, non-transferable, non-sublicensable, non-exclusive license during the Subscription Term to use the object code form of the Client Software internally in connection with Your and Your Affiliate’s use of the Service, subject to the terms and conditions of these Access Terms and the Documentation.

  • Further, You acknowledge that the Snowflake Service is offered as an online, hosted solution, and that You have no right to obtain a copy of the underlying computer code for the Snowflake Service (or any Deliverable, as applicable), except (if applicable) for the Client Software in object code format.

  • After the Retrieval Right period, You will have no further access to Customer Data and shall cease use of and access to the Snowflake Offerings (including any related Snowflake Technology) and delete all copies of Client Software, Documentation, any associated passwords or access codes, and any other Snowflake Confidential Information in Your possession.

More Definitions of Client Software

Client Software means the components of the software that allow a device to access or use the server software or to use certain aspects of the server software.
Client Software means that portion of the software to be distributed to End Users for installation on personal computers or other devices and designed to enable such end users to remotely access, and interact with, the Server Software via the Internet.
Client Software is BlackBerry Handheld Software which facilitates access to, and use of, BlackBerry App World.
Client Software means any software application provided by Diligent to Client (and its Users) for installation and use by Client (and its Users) on a personal computer or tablet to enable access to and/or use of applicable Diligent Services (if applicable), including any Updates thereto provided by Diligent during the Term.
Client Software. Professional Services”, or similar terms under this Agreement; however, all restrictions and Client commitments under this Agreement shall apply to Client use of Beta Services. Unless otherwise stated, any Beta Services trial period will expire upon the earlier of one year from the trial start date or the date that a version of the Beta Services becomes generally available without the applicable Beta Services designation. Diligent may discontinue Beta Services at any time in Diligent’s sole discretion and may never make Beta Services generally available. Diligent will have no liability for any harm or damage arising out of or in connection with a Beta Service. BETA SERVICES ARE PROVIDED “AS IS” AND AS AVAILABLE, EXCLUSIVE OF ANY WARRANTY, REPRESENTATION, GUARANTEE, CONDITION OR TERM OF ANY KIND, WHETHER EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR IMPOSED BY LAW.
Client Software means software sold, provided or distributed to the users and therefore, to be loaded onto the user's personal computer.
Client Software means all downloadable or installed software that allows a computer or mobile device to access or use the Service, including applications for iOS, Android or Blackberry and clients/plugins for Windows OS, Mac OS, Microsoft Office, and Microsoft Outlook.