Customer System definition

Customer System means any system owned, operated, or managed by Customer or its Affiliate on which the Software is installed or which is accessed and used for the Platform Services.

Examples of Customer System in a sentence

  • Such rates are available on the Supplier's website( Customer acknowledges that new releases of Software may create operational differences in the Customer System due to changes in the features and facilities of Software as implemented in the New Release.

  • Supplier shall use all reasonable endeavours to minimise such differences and to advise the Customer of any material operational differences in any new release prior to implementation.The implementation in the Customer System of later releases of Software may require that handset soft programming becomes reset.

  • Such rates are available on the Supplier's website ( at the request of the Customer, the Supplier undertakes work to investigate any fault occurring which is not attributable to any failure of the Customer System, the Supplier reserves the right to make an additional charge for the work at the Supplier's standard rates from time to time.

  • Later releases providing unchanged features and facilities shall be provided free of charge.If the Customer requests the Supplier (and the Supplier agrees) to incorporate new features and/or facilities into the Customer System, the Supplier may levy additional charges for such new features at rates to be agreed between the parties.

  • Customer shall ensure that it promptly complies with any minimum hardware/software configuration requirements specified by BCS for the purpose of establishing connectivity between Customer System and the Services.

More Definitions of Customer System

Customer System means any communications and/or other equipment operated by you and used in connection with the Services and/or Sale Equipment, whether supplied by us or a third party.
Customer System means any server system owned, operated, or managed by Customer or a Customer Affiliate on which the Tricentis Software is installed.
Customer System means Customer’s internal systems, servers, and other equipment and software used in the conduct of its business.
Customer System means the Co-located Equipment operated together by the Customer as a system;
Customer System means the Customer’s computing environment (consisting of hardware, software and/or telecommunications networks or equipment) used by the Customer or in respect of which access may be granted to the Contractor to provide the Services and/or the Deliverables