Developed Software definition

Developed Software means software specifically designed for the Principal under the Contract. Depending how advanced its development is, it may be either a Product or a Service or both.
Developed Software means those computer software products that are developed by or through the use of the SOFTWARE. "Developed Web Server Software" means those Developed Software products that reside logically or physically on at least one Web Server and are operated (executed therein) by the Web Server's central processing unit(s) (CPU). "Developed Desktop Software" means those Developed Software products that are not Developed Web Server Software, including, for example, standalone applications. "Redistributable Files" means the SOFTWARE files or other portions of the SOFTWARE that are provided by Steema and are identified as such in the Documentation for distribution by you with the Developed Software. "Developer" means a person using the SOFTWARE in accordance with the terms and conditions of this XXXX.
Developed Software means the software programs or modifications to the Menusifu System developed by Menusifu for you per your specific requests including object code and source code (if any) for such Developed Software and any related Documentation. Menusifu shall own all right, title and interest in any Developed Software.

Examples of Developed Software in a sentence

  • The Serial Number is subject to the restrictions set forth in this XXXX and may not be disclosed or distributed either with Your Developed Software or in any other way.

  • You agree to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend GC and its suppliers and resellers from and against any and all claims or lawsuits, including attorney’s fees, which arise out of or result from Your distribution of Your Developed Software, Your Developed Web Server Software or from Your breach of any of the terms and conditions of this XXXX.

  • You acknowledge that the license and distribution of the SOFTWARE is subject to the export control laws and regulations of the United States of America, and any amendments thereof, which restrict exports and re-exports of SOFTWARE, technical data, and direct products of technical data, including services and Developed Software.

  • You are not licensed to add or transfer the SOFTWARE serial number to the computer where the Developed Software is installed.

  • Users of the Developed Software are not licensed to use the SOFTWARE or the Redistributable Files, directly or indirectly, for development purposes.

More Definitions of Developed Software

Developed Software means any and all Software and associated documentation that are specific to the Project Lots and Deliverables developed under this Agreement.
Developed Software means all Software included in the System that is not COTS Software or Prior Existing Software and shall include, without limitation, those portions of the Software written for the Authority by Contractor or third parties on Contractor’s behalf in connection with the design, development, production, installation, integration, implementation and maintenance of the System.
Developed Software. Developed Software" shall mean all software written by (i) QSSI hereunder, or (ii) by Client under the direction and direct supervision of QSSI and as to which QSSI has certified in writing that it meets QSSI's programming standards. Developed Software shall also include QSSI proprietary software which has previously been developed by QSSI and which is delivered to Client.
Developed Software means Software which the Contractor is to develop for Oldham Council which shall be the property of Oldham Council and the Intellectual Property Rights shall be owned by Oldham Council;
Developed Software means all computer programs developed by or for Target or its subsidiaries and currently utilized in a product or service offering of Target or its subsidiaries, in each format and medium in which such computer programs is recorded or stored, including: (i) all source and all object code versions of such programs; (ii) all design specifications, flow chats, programmers' notes, tests and test results; (iii) all documentation of the features of such software; and (iv) all associated instruction manuals, documentation and supporting material made available to users of the software.
Developed Software means any and all Software and associated documentation that are specific to the Project Scope of Services and Deliverables developed under this Agreement.
Developed Software means Software created by, or for the use of, the Seller or Audiovox for use in the Business that is used in conjunction with third-party Software and hardware.