Customized Software definition

Customized Software or “Customization” means any Application Software code modified or amended on behalf of the Customer. Setting of parameters, parameterization or configuration is not a Customization.
Customized Software means those Services Deliverables that are software or computer code, whether in source code or object code.
Customized Software means any computer software, including any related database structure, that is not readily available for purchase and that is modified, developed, and/or written by the Appointee or its contractor(s) specifically for the purpose of performing the responsibilities of the EEU under the Order of Appointment.

Examples of Customized Software in a sentence

  • District may add its own copyright or other proprietary notice to any copy of the Contractor Customized Software or Documentation that contains permitted modifications made by District.

  • District agrees that any copies of the Contractor Commercial Software, Contractor Customized Software, Contractor Pre-Existing Items, and Documentation shall bear all copyright, trademark, and other proprietary notices properly included therein by Contractor or a third party.

More Definitions of Customized Software

Customized Software means COTS that is adapted by the contractor to meet specific requirements of the Agency that differ from the standard requirements of the base product.
Customized Software is any customised code or software delivered by Esri UK to the Customer in the provision of the Services as set out in the Order.
Customized Software means any version of QPX or the InstaSearch Service that is modified specifically for a Customer in response to a request made by a Customer for particular features or functionality not included in the commercially available version of QPX or the InstaSearch Service. If the modified version is made available to other Customers (other than Affiliates of the requesting Customer), it no longer qualifies as “Customized Software” (provided that Customized Software that is provided in response to good faith requests from two or more Customers may be substantially similar).
Customized Software is any customised code or software delivered by Esri Ireland to the Customer in the provision of the Services as set out in the Order. Customer for any unused days, such days will, in this instance, be cancelled without penalty. If further days are required above the number of days estimated, these will be agreed with the Customer and charged at the then appropriate Daily Rates.
Customized Software means that portion of the Software comprised of the Custom Development and includes, depending on the context, that portion of the Software having the Go Live Functionality and the Post Go Live Functionality.
Customized Software. - means the Software modified by Licensor for Licensee pursuant to a services agreement executed by Licensor and Licensee.
Customized Software means software, not being the standard software modules that belong to the software as part of the Planon SaaS Services included in Planon’s list of products, which has been or is developed specifically for Customer by or by order of Planon or its licensor(s) and as such is identified by Planon.