Shopping definition

Shopping means services to address the beneficiary's physical dependency need by assisting the beneficiary with shopping or by shopping for the beneficiary.
Shopping and ‘errands’. This means that ‘shopping’/’errands’ activities are rarely mixed with activities of
Shopping. SEAVISION will offer passengers interactive video shopping on the System. Third Party Vendors. RCCL will retain the right to approve and disapprove the items offered for sale and the third party suppliers providing those items. RCCL has the right to require any items to be deleted upon [Redacted -confidential treatment requested] notice. All such suppliers shall offer a minimum of a thirty (30) day money back guarantee on all items sold via this service. All third party suppliers shall promptly and professionally respond to complaints regarding such items and shall maintain a toll-free number to expeditiously handle such complaints. All items shall be delivered to the passenger's selected address within two weeks of ordering. SEAVISION shall obtain a signature of any passenger ordering items through the System. SEAVISION will provide fulfillment services for products sold through the System which are not offered by RCCL or RCCL's concessionaires on board the Vessel.

Examples of Shopping in a sentence

  • You are provided with a detailed description of the purchase process in the Shopping Guide.

  • Such contracts will be acceptable however for any procurement under the Shopping procedures.

  • However DGS&D rate contracts are acceptable under any procurement under the Shopping procedure # Community Procurement would be applicable to activities under learning/training pilots It would be based on World Bank “Guidance Note For Management of Procurement Responsibilities In Community-Driven Development Projects dated December 2009 and as included in the Procurement manual.

  • Details of the fitting out criteria are available from the Shopping Centre Management Office.

  • The design and decorative painting on the hoarding should be up to the satisfaction of Shopping Centre Housing Manager.

More Definitions of Shopping

Shopping means the ability to obtain or purchase one's necessary items.Necessary items include, but are not limited to, groceries, clothing, and household items. Shopping does not include handling finances or accessing transportation.
Shopping means the ability to purchase goods that are necessary for the health and safety of the individual being assessed and are related to the individual's service plan. Goods that are related to the service plan include items such as food (meal preparation), clothing (dressing), and medicine (medication management).
Shopping. Sports"; "Town Hall"; "Travel"; or "University".
Shopping. For works estimated to cost less than one hundred fifty thousand dollars (US$150,000) equivalent per contract and goods estimated to cost less than twenty five thousand dollars (US$25,000) equivalent per contract, in accordance with the provisions set forth in paragraph 3.5 of the Procurement Policies.
Shopping defined - shopping generally means presenting artists, musical works compositions, and sound recordings to record companies with the goal of securing a music recording or music publishing agreement (the proverbial “deal”). The idea is that a strategic relationship with an entity capable of funding and administering the recording, manufacturing, distribution and promotion of recorded products will enhance an individual artist or musical group’s artistic and business stature, assets, and income.
Shopping service as part of a program of quality assurance.