Purchase Program definition

Purchase Program means the purchase program for Eligible Employees to purchase Program Shares as set out herein.
Purchase Program means the Transactions where Buyer purchases the Rental Payments and/or Service Payments under Contracts, all pursuant to the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
Purchase Program means the program of purchases of CONTRACT AUTOMOBILES by the IMPORTER valid for a given period of time starting from the date of its determination and/or communication in accordance with the AGREEMENT, such program to be determined, from time to time, within the limits of the ALLOCATION PROGRAM in accordance with the previsions of sub—clause 4.2. hereof and with the provisions set forth in Appendix A hereto.

Examples of Purchase Program in a sentence

  • Members of the bargaining unit shall be eligible for employee incentive programs (e.g. Personal Computer Purchase Program, Wellness Program incentives/awards, etc.) offered to other non-bargaining unit employees of the City.

  • This will confirm my advice to you that DaimlerChrysler intends to continue the DaimlerChrysler Employee-Retiree New Vehicle Purchase Program for employees with at least ninety (90) days of continuous service, employees on approved leaves of absence, retirees under a DaimlerChrysler-CAW Pension Plan, surviving spouses of eligible employees-retirees, and dependents of eligible employees-retirees living at the same address, as well as non-dependent sons and daughters of eligible employees-retirees.

  • In continuing to make the New Vehicle Purchase Program available, it is understood and agreed that the Corporation may at any time modify, change or discontinue the Program and it shall have no obligation to bargain concerning its decision to do so.

More Definitions of Purchase Program

Purchase Program means the Xxxxx Purchase Program in the form attached hereto as EXHIBIT A.
Purchase Program means a program or publication the Lender has offered to the Dealer for the purchase of Contracts. The Purchase Program may define pricing for the Contract and/or the terms under which a Contract will be purchased (e.g.,with or without recourse, first payment default repurchase requirement). In the event, the Purchase Program does not define pricing and/or terms then the standard pricing and terms contained in this Agreement shall apply.
Purchase Program means a program that Finance Company has offered to Dealer for the purchase of Contracts. The Purchase Program may define the pricing for the Contract and/or it may define the terms on which the Contract will be purchased (e.g., partial recourse—first payment defaults require repurchase). The Purchase Program may be described in program sheets, notices or other communications from Finance Company to Dealer. In the event that a Purchase Program does not define pricing, the standard pricing defined under the definition ofPurchase Price” shall apply.

Related to Purchase Program

  • Notice Program means the methods provided for in this Agreement for giving the Notice and consists of Email Notice, Postcard Notice, and Long Form Notice, which shall be substantially in the forms as the exhibits attached to this Agreement.

  • Program means the statutorily authorized activities of the System Agency under which this Contract has been awarded.

  • PACE program means a program implemented by a municipality to stimulate energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in conformity with Act 270.

  • Dividend Reinvestment Plan means a regular dividend reinvestment or other plan of the Corporation made available by the Corporation to holders of its securities where such plan permits the holder to direct that some or all of:

  • Distribution Reinvestment Plan means the distribution reinvestment plan of the Company approved by the Board and as set forth in the Prospectus.

  • Education program means any program that is principally engaged in the provision of education, including, but not limited to, early childhood education, elementary and secondary education, postsecondary education, special education, job training, career and technical education, and adult education, and any program that is administered by an educational agency or institution.

  • Child Care Program means a person or business that offers child care.

  • Prescription monitoring program means the electronic system within the Department of Health Professions that monitors the dispensing of certain controlled substances.

  • CPP has the meaning ascribed to it in the Purchase Agreement.

  • Educational program means a program for educating and preparing physician assistants which is approved by the board.

  • Loan Program means the State Treasurer’s Interest-Free Loan Program for Colorado School Districts authorized pursuant to the Loan Program Statutes.

  • Program fund means the program fund created under Section 53B-8a-107,

  • Rehabilitation Program means a written vocational rehabilitation program:

  • Marketing program means a program established by order of the director pursuant to this act prescribing rules and regulations governing the marketing for processing, distributing, selling, or handling an agricultural commodity produced in this state or agricultural commodity input during a specified period and

  • Alternative education program means a school or separate class group designed to best serve students’ educational needs and interests and assist students in achieving the academic standards of the district and the state.

  • Individualized education program or “IEP” means a written statement for a child with a disability as defined in 14 DE Admin. Code 922.

  • Reinvestment Plan means the distribution reinvestment plan for the ETFs, as described under the heading “Distribution Policy – Distribution Reinvestment Plan”;

  • Award Transfer Program means any program instituted by the Committee which would permit Participants the opportunity to transfer any outstanding Awards to a financial institution or other person or entity approved by the Committee.

  • Alternative program means a non-disciplinary monitoring or practice remediation process approved by a physical therapy licensing board. This includes, but is not limited to, substance abuse issues.

  • Redevelopment Plan means the “Lincoln Center Redevelopment Plan” passed, adopted and approved by the City pursuant to the Resolution, and shall include any amendment of said Redevelopment Plan heretofore or hereafter made by the City pursuant to law.

  • Non-Administrator Coordinated Home Care Program means a Coordinated Home Care Program which does not have an agreement with the Claim Administrator or a Blue Cross Plan but has been certified as a home health agency in accordance with the guidelines established by Medicare.