Cart definition

Cart means computer-assisted real-time transcription using specialized equipment to transcribe real-time word-for-word spoken English into written English that can be viewed on a computer screen or projected onto a large screen.[RR 2005, c. 1, §13 (RAL).]
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Cart means any cart, hackney or wheeled vehicle with or without springs, which is not a carriage, and includes a hand-cart, a cycle van and a push van, but does not include any wheeled vehicle which is propelled by mechanical power or its trailer;
Cart means a plastic Container with a hinged lid and wheels serviced by an automated or semi-automated process, as opposed to a manual process of lifting and dumping.

Examples of Cart in a sentence

Possession of the Property shall be delivered at closing, free of all tenants, occupants or persons in possession other than the Tenant (Food Cart) referenced in Section 4, above, and in compliance with the terms of this agreement.

The cost of the permits shall be determined by the Director of Parking Services, who will consider the following services in determining the cost: • Number of vehicles• If reserved spaces or any available parking spaces will be used• Special services provided, e.g.• Parking officers• Directional signs• Cart, tram, or bus service The cost will typically be less per vehicle than the daily parking rate, unless there are significant extra expenses such as tram service.

LICENSE AND DECALAND TRANSFERa. Application for Golf Cart vehicle license shall be made to the Clerk.

It shall be unlawful to operate a Golf Cart without possessing a valid motor vehicle driver’s license issued by the Commonwealth of Virginia or other U.S. State.

Each Delivered Additional Cart - $25.00 (the fee of $25 is applied when a request is received from households for an additional cart.

More Definitions of Cart

Cart means an engineered CAR-modified T-cell.
Cart means a plastic Container with a hinged lid and wheels serviced by an automated or semi-automated truck with a capacity between 32- and 101-gallons.
Cart means the consumer network access contract (contrat d'accès au réseau de transport) (CART), referred to in article L.111-91 of the French Code de l'énergie, entered into between the Producer and the Transmission System Operator with respect to the Wind Farm.
Cart means a T-cell engineered to express a CAR.
Cart means a plastic Container with wheels and a hinged lid with a capacity from 35 to 101 gallons, which is typically emptied by an automated side-loading collection vehicle.
Cart means a vehicle ordinarily drawn by animals and not ordinarily used for conveyance of human beings;
Cart means a wheeled container receptacle larger than a Standard container and smaller than a bin, equipped with a lid, and designed for mechanical pick-up by collection vehicles.