Parks definition

Parks means the parks or green spaces named in the Application "Parties" means the Authority and the Licensee
Parks means the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation.
Parks means any park, building, parkway, recreation center, open space, lake or other water, athletic field, tennis court, racquet ball court or any other area owned, improved, maintained, operated or otherwise controlled by the Tampa Palms CDD or TPOA for recreation and natural resource preservation purposes.

Examples of Parks in a sentence

  • B.C. Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks, Victoria, BC and University College of the Cariboo, Kamloops, BC.

  • Fee*Examples: Fundraisers for charities like Jimmy Fund and United Way.* To be determined on a case by case basis by the Director of Parks and Recreation Group 8 Baseball Camps.$250.00 full day$125.00 half day Zbierski House:The overall policy of the Parks and Recreation Department is to allow as many groups or organizations use of the facility as possible.

  • No alcoholic beverages will be allowed anywhere on the Eastern Point Beach property unless a Special Permit for the Sale or Consumption for Alcohol at the Zbierski House has been granted by the Director of Parks and Recreation.

  • Hagerman - Sheriff’s Office; Wendell Hall - Tax Assessors Office; Garry Haywood - Parks & Beautification; Roy Jordan - Vehicle Maintenance; Jacqueline C.

  • A one-hundred dollar ($100.00) cash security deposit will be held at the Parks & Recreation office for each Zbierski House reservation until verification of clean up.

More Definitions of Parks

Parks means lands so designated on the Master Plan, which lands may or may not be further designated as Common Property or as Neighborhood Common Property.
Parks means a public area where no access is charged and no business is run from.
Parks means and includes all Parks to which names have been given by action of the city council.
Parks. Means parks as decreed by the Municipality and annexed to the present bylaw, which are situated on the municipality’s territory and in addition includes rest areas, walkways, recreational trails and recreational or tourist infrastructures as well as all other public green spaces, allowing public access for resting or relaxation, for games or sports or for any other similar purpose, but does not include streets, roads, back streets or sidewalks adjacent to streets and other areas dedicated to vehicular traffic.A bicycle is not a vehicle for the purposes of the present bylaw.
Parks means the areas shown coloured pink on the Plan; Conducting Media means sewers drains gutters rain water pipes watercourses telecommunications water gas electric mains and other pipes wires cables ducts and any other conducting media of whatsoever nature; Demised Premises means the land and premises more particularly described in Part I of the First Schedule and any part thereof together with all buildings now or hereafter erected thereon all Conducting Media and Plant in through over under or upon the said premises all additions alterations and improvements thereto and all fixtures and fittings therein (other than tenant’s and trade fixtures and fittings); Estate means the land and buildings more particularly described in Part I of the First Schedule of which the Demised Premises form part or such premises of greater or lesser extent as the Landlord may from time to time notify to the Tenant;