Parks definition

Parks means the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation.
Parks means the parks or green spaces named in the Application "Parties" means the Authority and the Licensee
Parks means lands so designated on the Master Plan, which lands may or may not be further designated as Common Property or as Neighborhood Common Property.

Examples of Parks in a sentence

  • COUNTY OF JACKSON ) Before me, the undersigned Notary Public, on the date first above written, personally appeared (Director, Parks & Recreation Department), and known to me to be the person who executed the within document on behalf of the City of Raytown Parks & Recreation Department and acknowledged to me that she/he executed the same for the purposes therein stated.

  • Only the Parks and Recreation Department will be allowed to book events.

  • The Town of Pomfret, if determined necessary, will have appropriate staff, (i.e. – Park Monitors) to check permits, to ensure proper use of facilities and fields, and that the user group is adhering to the Parks, Facilities and Fields Use Policy.

  • This insurance must be submitted to the Parks and Recreation Department at least one week prior to park, facility or field usage (failure to do so will result in disapproval of request for use of the facility).

  • Any notice or notices provided for by this Agreement or by law to be given or served upon CITY may be given or served by depositing in the United States mails, postage prepaid, a certified letter addressed to the Director of Parks and Recreation, Raytown Parks and Recreation, 0000 Xxxx, Xxxxxxx, XX 00000.

More Definitions of Parks

Parks means and includes all Parks to which names have been given by action of the city council.
Parks means a public area where no access is charged and no business is run from.
Parks refers to land area owned by the Town, either independently or with another governmental or quasi-governmental entity, that is developed and maintained for active or passive recreational use and is open for the general public’s use and enjoyment; which, by way of example only, may include public playfields, courts, and other recreation facilities, or may include greenways, water features, picnic areas, or natural areas.
Parks means a clearly defined geographical space, recognised, dedicated and managed to meet objectives for conservation or sustainable uses as may be designated by the Minister on the recommendation of the Board, by Order published in the Gazette.
Parks means those areas in the Guam Territorial Park System as classified below:
Parks means any park, building, parkway, recreation center, open space, lake or other water, athletic field, tennis court, racquet ball court or any other area owned, improved, maintained, operated or otherwise controlled by the Tampa Palms CDD or TPOA for recreation and natural resource preservation purposes.
Parks means a noncommercial, not-for profit facility designed to serve the recreation needs of the residents of the community. Such facilities include subdivision recreation facilities (neighborhood parks), community parks, regional parks, and special use facilities, all as may be described in the recreation and open space element of the Master Plan. Such facilities may also include, ballfields, football fields, and soccer fields, and similar activities.