Product Technology definition

Product Technology means all Intangibles owned or Controlled by Quoin and necessary for the Exploitation of the Product in the Territory, including, without limitation, the Data Package and the Product Trademark.
Product Technology means the following information owned by or to the extent licensed to Seller, as in existence and in the possession of Seller as of the Closing Date: the manufacturing technology, proprietary or confidential information, processes, techniques, protocols, methods, improvements and know-how that are necessary to manufacture the Products in accordance with the current applicable Product ANDA, as the case may be, including, but not limited to, the manufacturing process approved in the applicable Product ANDAs, specifications and test methods, raw material, packaging, stability and other applicable specifications, manufacturing and packaging instructions, master formula, validation reports to the extent available, stability data, analytical methods, records of complaints, annual product reviews to the extent available, and other master documents necessary for the manufacture, control and release of the Products as conducted by, or on behalf of, Seller or any of its Affiliates before the Effective Date. The Product Technology includes without limitation the rights owned or to the extent controlled by Seller under any patent issued in or subject to a pending application in the Territory as of the Closing Date, and any rights under any patent or patent application outside of the Territory solely to the extent necessary to manufacture the Products outside the Territory for importation to and sale in the Territory.
Product Technology means the Patent Applications and Patents Controlled by MUS on or before the Separation Event that are necessary or useful for use in the Codexis Field, that are not included in Enabling Technology. A list of the Patent Applications and Patents within the Product Technology existing as of the Effective Date is attached as Exhibit D hereto.

Examples of Product Technology in a sentence

  • Mersana will promptly disclose to Merck any Joint Technology or Product Technology that Mersana invents, conceives, develops or reduces to practice.

  • The Parties acknowledge and agree that Merck is and will be the sole and exclusive owner or licensee of all right, title and interest in and to any Merck Technology and any Product Technology.

  • If You fails to timely pay any fees, CognitiveScale may, without limitation to any of its other rights or remedies, suspend performance of Product, Technology, and/or Solution, as applicable, until it receives all amounts due.

  • Merck will promptly disclose to Mersana any Joint Technology, Mersana Platform Technology or Product Technology that Merck invents, conceives, develops or reduces to practice.

More Definitions of Product Technology

Product Technology means the Product Know-How and Product Patent Rights.
Product Technology. Product Technology means technology in the form of biological materials (e.g. genes, gene fragments, vectors, cell lines, cells, organelles, DNA and DNA fragments, proteins and peptides) and chemical compounds (e.g. small molecule and natural product compounds and libraries) and data relating to the foregoing; PROVIDED THAT Product Technology does not include methods, systems, programs, technology and software included in Process Technology.
Product Technology means the following categories of Finished Product (as indicated for each Finished Product in Exhibit 1 to this Agreement):
Product Technology means the Product Know-How and Product Patents.
Product Technology means the (i) Savient Patent Rights, (ii) Savient Know-How, (iii) BTG Assigned Improvements, (iv) BTG Licensed Improvements, (v) BTG Know-How, (vi) any developments, discoveries, inventions, improvements, designs, methods, processes, techniques, devices, formulae, and trade secrets which are or may be (A) developed, acquired or conceived by Savient and/or BTG and are derived from the Development Plan performed under the terms of the Development Agreement, developed by BTG prior to July 17, 2005 and related to the Bulk Product or used in the Processing of Bulk Product, or are derived from the manufacture and supply of Bulk Product, or (B) used in the Processing of Bulk Product.
Product Technology means all Intellectual Property that specifically relates to the Product and is conceived or reduced to practice by Perrigo, Sol-Gel and/or their Affiliates in the conduct of the program.
Product Technology means collectively Product Know-flow and Product Patents.