Collaboration Patent Rights definition

Collaboration Patent Rights means Patent Rights claiming Collaboration Know-How.
Collaboration Patent Rights means all patents and patent applications, certificates of invention and applications for certificates of invention, including divisions, continuations, continuations-in-part, reissues, renewals, extensions, supplementary protection certificates or the like or any of the foregoing and all foreign equivalents thereof that disclose and/or claim Joint Information and Inventions.
Collaboration Patent Rights means (a) all patent applications the subject of which is an Invention conceived or reduced to practice solely or jointly by or on behalf of Editas and/or Juno in the course of activities conducted pursuant to the Research Program, (b) any divisions, continuations, and continuations-in-part (but only to the extent the claims are directed to the subject matter specifically described in the parent applications), including U.S. and foreign, (c) all patents that issue as a result of any of the foregoing, and (d) all reissues, reexaminations, extensions or other governmental actions which extend any of the subject matter of the patents in (c) above, and any substitutions, confirmations, registrations or revalidations of any of the foregoing.

Examples of Collaboration Patent Rights in a sentence

  • Each Party will use Commercially Reasonable Efforts to ensure that all Collaboration Know-How and Collaboration Patent Rights invented, conceived, or developed by a Third Party on behalf of such Party will be Controlled by such Party.

  • BeiGene shall have the first right to bring and control any legal action to enforce any BeiGene Collaboration Patent Rights against any Ex-Territory Infringement outside of the Territory at its sole expense as it reasonably determines appropriate, and BeiGene shall consider in good faith the interests of Zymeworks in such enforcement of the BeiGene Collaboration Patent Rights.

  • Patent Filing Materials which relate to the validity of Collaboration Patent Rights, to the extent such Collaboration Patent Rights are necessary or useful in the Territory to Manufacture, Develop or Commercialize a Collaboration Compound or Product in the Territory, that are made during the course of an action before a national or regional patent office in the Territory or national court in the Territory will require the mutual approval of both Parties.

More Definitions of Collaboration Patent Rights

Collaboration Patent Rights means Patent Rights claiming Collaboration Know-How. For avoidance of doubt, Collaboration Patent Rights excludes any Patent Rights Controlled by a Party as of the Effective Date.
Collaboration Patent Rights means: (i) all patents and patent applications claiming any invention or discovery made by or on behalf of Pharmacopeia in performance of the Collaboration (including, without limitation, the synthesis and composition of matter of any Agreement Compound, or method of use thereof); and (ii) any divisions, continuations, continuations-in-part, reissues, reexaminations, extensions or other governmental actions which extend any of the subject matter of the patent applications or patents in (i) above, and any substitutions, confirmations, registrations, revalidations, or additions of any of the foregoing, in each case, which is owned or controlled, in whole or part, by license, assignment or otherwise by Pharmacopeia during the term of this Agreement; provided, however, that Collaboration Patent Rights shall not include any patents or patent applications which are Schering Technology or Pharmacopeia Technology.
Collaboration Patent Rights means any Patent Rights that (a) claim any Invention that is included in the Collaboration Know-How or (b) disclose any Collaboration Know-How. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Collaboration Patent Rights excludes all Patent Rights that claim or disclose either Party’s solely-owned Background Technology Improvements.
Collaboration Patent Rights means (a) any Patent Right that Covers any invention that is Invented after the Effective Date by or on behalf of either or both Parties’ (or their Affiliates’) employees or Third Parties acting on such Party’s behalf, in each case in the course of such Party’s performance of the Collaboration, other than (b) a Patent Right that Covers an invention that constitutes a Genzyme [***] Process Improvement or a Voyager [***] AAV Technology Improvement, in each case (a) and (b) without regard to the validity or enforceability of the claims of any such Patent Rights.
Collaboration Patent Rights means those Patent Rights included in Collaboration Intellectual Property. "Co-Market" or "Co-Marketing". Co-Market or Co-Marketing shall mean, with respect to a Product, the separate marketing and sale of such Product under separate and distinct trademarks by each Party or its Affiliates in a Co-Marketing Country. Co-Marketing Country". Co-Marketing Country shall mean each Major EU Country in which Co-Promotion and Co-Branding are not permitted under local Law, but in which Co-Marketing is required under local Law.
Collaboration Patent Rights. Collaboration Patent Rights means Patent Rights that claim Collaboration Know-How.