Developed Technology definition

Developed Technology means Proprietary Rights that (a) are first generated, conceived or reduced to practice, as the case may be, by Allergan or by any third party in the course of performing activities undertaken pursuant to the Research and Development Agreement or (b) are, in any manner, acquired by, or otherwise obtained on behalf of, ASTI during the term of the Research and Development Agreement from persons other than Allergan and are necessary or useful to the research, development or commercialization of ASTI Products or Pre-Selection Products.
Developed Technology means any Technology including, without limitation, any enhancements, substitutions or improvements to the Core Technology that is (a) discovered, developed or otherwise acquired by DURA pursuant to the terms of the Development Agreement or (b) otherwise acquired by or on behalf of Spiros Corp. II during the term of the Development Agreement.
Developed Technology also means any inventions, "Improvement," or new technology directly related to the Coal Briquetting Technology that Licensor or Licensee may conceive, make, invent or suggest relating to the Coal Briquetting Technology during the Term of this Agreement; provided, however, that "Developed Technology" shall not include coal fines recovery, coal fines washing, material handling, or product marketing techniques or technologies conceived, made, invented, or suggested by Licensee that are generally applicable to the coal industry but which are used at the Facility in connection with the Coal Briquetting Technology.

Examples of Developed Technology in a sentence

  • Such Proprietary Rights shall be included in the Developed Technology.

  • All Developed Technology and/or Improvements are and shall become Licensor's absolute property, subject to the terms of this Agreement.

  • Without limiting the foregoing, SGI agrees that it will treat the Developed Technology with at least the same degree of care as it would its own highly proprietary information.

  • SGI and Company acknowledge that the Developed Technology constitutes their valuable and proprietary information.

  • Allergan shall determine whether and to what extent to seek and maintain United States and/or foreign patents covering any Developed Technology.

More Definitions of Developed Technology

Developed Technology means any inventions, discoveries, improvements or developments made by the Institution, the Investigator or any Study Staff (whether solely or jointly with others) in the course of or as a result of the Study and that are directly related to the Investigational Product, or the use thereof. Vyvinutými technologiemi se rozumějí veškeré vynálezy, objevy, zdokonalení nebo změny učiněné Zdravotnickým zařízením, Zkoušejícím nebo Studijním personálem (jednotlivě nebo společně s ostatními) v průběhu Studie nebo jako její výsledek, související přímo s Hodnoceným léčivem nebo jeho použitím. Study: the clinical trial that is to be performed in accordance with this Agreement and the Protocol for purposes of gathering information about the compound/medical device identified in the Protocol. Studie: klinické hodnocení, které bude provedeno v souladu s touto Smlouvou a Protokolem pro účely získání a shromáždění informací o složce/zdravotnickém prostředku popsaném v Protokolu.
Developed Technology means Know-How conceived and reduced to practice or originally authored by or on behalf of one or both Parties or any Affiliates thereof pursuant to or in the exercise of rights under this Agreement, including in the course of or as a direct result of, the conduct of the activities set forth or contemplated by the Development Plan, or as a result of a Party’s (or its Affiliate’s) use of the other Party’s Confidential Information or Background Technology in breach of this Agreement, and any intellectual property rights appurtenant thereto (including any patents and patent applications claiming such Know-How).
Developed Technology also means any inventions, “Improvement,” or new technology directly related to the Hydrocarbon Identification Technology that Licensor may conceive, make, invent or suggest during the Term of this Agreement.
Developed Technology means all technology and know-how, including, but not limited to, patents, patent applications, continuations and continuations-in- part, divisional and provisional patent applications, trade secrets, methods, processes, techniques, materials, compositions, information, data, results of tests or studies and expertise which are used or useful for the research, development, manufacture, use or sale of products in the Field which are conceived of and reduced to practice solely in performance of the Research Plan during the Term either (i) solely by RPI, by a Third Party on RPI's behalf, jointly by RPI and a Third Party as permitted by this Agreement, or jointly by Schering and RPI or (ii) solely by Schering if conceived solely in connection with Schering's performance of the Research Plan; provided however, Developed Technology does not include any inventions or discoveries arising out of the use by RPI or Schering of the Schering Screens.
Developed Technology means the First Phase Developed Technology and the Second Phase Developed Technology.
Developed Technology also means any inventions, "Improvement," or new technology directly related to the Coal Briquetting Technology that Licensor or Licensee may conceive, make, invent or suggest relating to the Coal Briquetting Technology during the Term of this Agreement. "Improvement" means an alteration or addition to an invention or discovery which enhances, to some extent, performance or economics without changing or destroying a product's, device's, or method's basic identity and essential character. An Improvement may comprise alterations or additions to either patented or unpatented inventions, discoveries, technology, or devices, and may or may not be patentable.
Developed Technology means any Technology that is developed by or for ADA specifically for the Purpose and applicable within the Field of Use, whether or not patentable or registrable. Developed Technology includes the Technology that is set forth in a Statement of Work under this Agreement, and also includes subsequent Improvements to Developed Technology, but excludes (i) any Existing Technology and any Technology developed by ADA pursuant to a grant from a governmental agency or other Person where the purpose of ADA’s work for such other Person is not substantially similar to the Purpose, the terms of which prohibit such Technology from being licensed to Arch Coal and its Affiliates under this Agreement and (ii) any Technology that ADA excludes from Developed Technology in accordance with Section 9.1 of this Agreement.