PACKAGING INSTRUCTIONS. PACKING LISTS All packages will have a copy of the Packing List inside the package and a separate copy will be placed on the outside of the package. The packing list will list each Purchase Order Line Item in accordance with the actual purchase order that applies to that package / shipment. The purchase order number and purchase order line item number will be referenced on all packing slips and invoices HAZARDOUS MATERIAL DISCLOSURE Seller is reminded that in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Purchase the following certification must be made on the xxxx of lading: “This is to certify that the above named articles are properly classified, described, packaged, marked, and labeled and are in proper condition for transportation according to any applicable transportation regulations” HAZARDOUS MATERIAL RIGHTS The Seller shall submit a Safety Data Sheet, (Department of Labor Form OSHA-20), as prescribed in Federal Standard No. 313, for all hazardous material in accordance with the delivery schedule requirements set forth within this document. This obligation applies to all materials or items containing hazardous material. Hazardous material is defined in Federal Standard No. 313 in effect on the date of this Purchase Order. The Seller shall comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws, codes, ordinances and regulations, including the obtaining of licenses and permits, in connection with hazardous material. Neither the requirements of this article, nor any act or failure to act by the Buyer shall relieve the Seller of any responsibility or liability for the safety of the Buyer, Government, Seller or sub-tier Subcontractor personnel or property. The Buyer shall have the right to use, duplicate and disclose any data to which this clause is applicable. The purpose of this right is to:
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PACKAGING INSTRUCTIONS. The Contractor shall include the following information on the outside of each delivered package: ATTN: Government Technical POC / COR W91CRB-XX-X-XXXX (the assigned contract number) Contractor Name
PACKAGING INSTRUCTIONS. NOVARTIS agrees that packaging of the products are carried out according to the agreed packaging instructions.
PACKAGING INSTRUCTIONS. Products that are shipped by Provider shall be packaged in accordance with standard ETSI EN 300 019-2-2 and/or as specified by Company in the Requirements and/or Specifications at no additional charge to Company. Provider is solely responsible for damage to Products resulting from Provider’s negligent packaging. Company shall pay the reasonable and actual additional expenses resulting from Company’s request for special packaging, handling, routing or shipping, except when special shipping is required to expedite delivery delayed solely due to reasons within the control of Provider. Unless instructed otherwise by Company, Provider shall (i) ship complete orders of fully assembled Products; (ii) ensure that all packages and documents conspicuously bear the Agreement and applicable Purchase Order number; and (iii) include a packing slip with each shipment identifying company part number and quantity of Products shipped; (iv) documents the date of shipment; (vi) country of origin; and (vii) bear such other information as is required under Applicable Law.
PACKAGING INSTRUCTIONS. Packaging materials used by the supplier for transport shall meet the relevant requirements, in particular stability of the packaging and authenticity of each batch. Primary packaging that come into direct contact with the API needs to have a certificate of safety (food grade) from its manufacturer, and comply with US and EU requirements. API is packaged at the Supplier in double polyethylene (LDPE) bags with security seal and placed inside a HDPE container with a tamper evident closure. [***] Certain information in this document has been omitted and filed separately with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Confidential treatment has been requested with respect to the omitted portions.


  • Closing Instructions Colorado Real Estate Commission’s Closing Instructions Are Are Not executed with this Contract.

  • Packaging Tangible product shall be securely and properly packed for shipment, storage, and stocking in appropriate, clearly labeled, shipping containers and according to accepted commercial practice, without extra charge for packing materials, cases, or other types of containers. All containers and packaging shall become and remain Customer’s property.

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