Third Party Technology definition

Third Party Technology means all Intellectual Property and products owned by third parties and licensed pursuant to Third Party Licenses.
Third Party Technology means any software program, computer code, programming libraries, application programming interfaces, or other materials, whose Intellectual Property Rights are not owned by Provider or its Affiliates but provided to Company.
Third Party Technology means software code and other technology licensed by Service Provider for use in the GHX Exchange Software and/or the Client Software, including Updates to such technology.

Examples of Third Party Technology in a sentence

Your rights to continue to use Separately Licensed Third Party Technology shall be governed by the Separate Terms accepted with the use of such technology.

The term “Proprietary Information” shall mean the Confidential Information disclosed by SSC (excluding Third Party Technology), Deliverables, and SSC Technology.

Different Terms applicable to any Third Party Technology redistributed in any Enabling Software provided hereunder will be identified by Cloudnosys in the User Documentation for, and/or in a "Read Me" or an "About" file in, the Enabling Software.

Enabling Software may come bundled or otherwise be distributed with free or open source or other third party software (herein "Third Party Technology"), that is subject solely to the agreement terms, conditions, limitations, and disclaimers of the specific license (each "Different Terms") under which such Third Party Technology is redistributed to Company by Cloudnosys and NOT these Terms of Use.

Customer agrees that the rights and licenses with respect to Third Party Technology and Third Party Services shall be under terms set forth in the pertinent purchase, license or services agreements between Customer and the vendors of such Third Party Software or Third Party Services.

More Definitions of Third Party Technology

Third Party Technology means third party software, hardware, peripherals, components, devices, equipment and technology used in connection with or related to Products.
Third Party Technology means any Patent Rights, Know-How, inventions, or other intellectual property owned or controlled by a Third Party but not Controlled by a Party or its Affiliates.
Third Party Technology means Technology owned solely by Regeneron or its Affiliates in which a Third Party has rights pursuant to an agreement between such Third Party and Regeneron or its Affiliates prior to the Effective Date, as specifically set forth in Attachment 9.1.
Third Party Technology means Technology that is not owned or Controlled by ADA or Arch Coal or any of their Affiliates.
Third Party Technology means any technology, including without limitation Third Party Compound(s) licensed or otherwise acquired by Chiron or PathoGenesis with the right to sublicense.
Third Party Technology means any Technology or Intellectual Property Rights of a third party or in the public domain, including open source, public source or freeware Technology or any modification or Derivative Work thereof, including any version of any Software licensed pursuant to any GNU general public license or limited general public license that was used in, incorporated into, integrated or bundled with any Technology or Intellectual Property Rights that has been, or is proposed to be, used or otherwise exploited by Seller for or in connection with the Acquired Business or that is otherwise reasonably required in order for Purchaser to use and fully exploit the Acquired Assets or carry on the Acquired Business following the Closing, or listed in Schedule 1.1(rrr).
Third Party Technology means any software, components, parts, proprietary information, intellectual property, subassemblies or other technology owned or controlled by a party other than TiVo (or its affiliates) which are specified on Exhibit C (Third Party Technology), as may be amended in accordance with the terms of Section 4.8(c) (Third Party Technology), that is incorporated or referenced in, or required for use of, the Provo Receiver or the TiVo Software.