Administrative Staff definition

Administrative Staff means any and all state classified personnel who perform any function for the authorities covered by the provisions of this Executive Order.
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Administrative Staff means those who hold an administrator cer- tificate and are employed as a superintendent, an elementary or secondary school principal, or are assigned administrative duties over and above those commonly assigned to teachers.
Administrative Staff means the employees of the University, University College, the Constituent Colleges and the Federated Universities who are not members of the Teaching Staff thereof.

Examples of Administrative Staff in a sentence

To provide for Support to Teachers/ Scientific/ Technical Officers/ Administrative Staff, all Administrative Officers of University from Administration, Finance and Examination viz., Pro Vice-Chancellor /Rector Registrars, Finance Officer, Controller of Examination, Librarians, and Director Physical Education and other group ‘A’ Officers in these cadres for participating in international conferences/seminars/ symposia/ workshops held abroad.

It was moved by Caviston, supported by McKinney, that the Superior Charter Township Board concur with the Administrative Staff authorize the Supervisor to sign the contract with Priority Health Plan HMO 100% for employee health care.

The Administrative Staff agrees that the safest course of action would be to re-adopt the amendments, as employee health care benefits may be at risk.

The Administrative Staff reviewed bids from Priority Health, Blue Care Network, Humana, and Principal Life Insurance Company.

The Returning Officer and the SA’s Administrative Staff shall, as soon as reasonably practicable following the publishing of the notice in terms of section 4.5.3 arrange a meeting at which they shall brief the Candidates on the Election process and procedure.

More Definitions of Administrative Staff

Administrative Staff means a person who is a member of the Corporation's Administrative Salary grouping.
Administrative Staff means all persons employed by the University who are categorised in terms of the Statutes as members of the administrative staff;
Administrative Staff. , in respect of an arbitrator, means persons under the direction and control of the arbitrator, other than assistants;
Administrative Staff means the council chief of staff and staff who report directly or indirectly to the council chief of staff; and
Administrative Staff means the staff of a hospital or clinic;
Administrative Staff means those individuals holding administrative positions.
Administrative Staff. , in respect of a panellist, means individuals under the direction and control of a panellist, other than assistants;