Infrastructure project definition

Infrastructure project means any construction or acquisition of treatment works, facilities related to the collection, transportation, and treatment of wastewater as defined in KRS 65.8903, distribution facilities, or water resources projects instituted by a governmental agency or an investor-owned water utility which is approved by the authority and, if required, by the Energy and Environment Cabinet, Public Service Commission, or other agency; solid waste projects; dams; storm water control and treatment systems; gas or electric utility; broadband deployment project; or any other public utility or public service project which the authority finds would assist in carrying out the purposes set out in KRS 224A.300;
Infrastructure project means the same as that term is defined in Section 63A-3-401.5.
Infrastructure project means the design, construction, development and operation of new infrastructure facilities or the rehabilitation, modernization, expansion or operation of existing infrastructure facilities;

Examples of Infrastructure project in a sentence

  • A Proof of Claim filed under the joint administration case number (No. 22-90130 (MI)), or otherwise without identifying a specific Debtor, will be deemed as filed only against Altera Infrastructure Project Services LLC.

  • The proposal to re-open the line would require consent under the Planning Act 2008 as a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP).

  • SUBMITTED AND ADOPTED BY: Claude Jerry Smith, Mayor Pro-Tem √ Signature of Mayor Pro-Tem September 10, 2018 Date HUD PORTAL LEP: Floodplain Certification Town of Biscoe This is to certify that the 2017 NCDEQ CDBG Infrastructure Project (17-I-2955) located in the Town of Biscoe does not include any improvements in the flood plain and the proposed improvements will cause no disturbance in the flood plain.

  • NIPA is the abbreviation of Network Infrastructure Project Agreement.

  • As the scheme is a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project its consenting regime is provided by the Planning Act 2008.

More Definitions of Infrastructure project

Infrastructure project means any project in infrastructure sector;
Infrastructure project means a project for the construction of new road infrastructure or a substantial modification to the existing network which affects the traffic flow.
Infrastructure project means any construction or acquisition of treatment works,
Infrastructure project means a project to acquire, construct, reconstruct, rehabilitate, equip, or improve public infrastructure and improvements:
Infrastructure project means any project carried out by an entity pursuant to one or more contracts for any of the construction, upgrading, operation and maintenance of infrastructure or for the performance of other services, where the entity is one in which the Group has interest (whether alone or together with other partners) and which finances the investment required in the project with Infrastructure Project Indebtedness and its share capital or other equity contribution made to it.
Infrastructure project means a project in any of the infrastructure sectors, which may involve development, maintenance or operation of infrastructure facilities through private participation or financial sources other than those provided by State Budget;
Infrastructure project means a capital construction project which may lawfully be undertaken within the powers of the political subdivision authorized to receive a loan under this section;