Improvements definition

Improvements means the buildings, structures, improvements, and alterations now constructed or at any time in the future constructed or placed upon the Land, including any future replacements and additions.
Improvements means buildings, structures, equipment from time to time located on the Properties and all parking and common areas located on the Properties.
Improvements means all buildings, structures, fixtures, parking areas and other improvements to the Land, and all related facilities.

Examples of Improvements in a sentence

The impacts they identified were varied and included:  Improvements in personal well-being resulting from a secure job and positive line management;  Increased experience of and preparedness to work across different schools, year groups, elements of the new curriculum and extra- curricular activities;  Good relationships with colleagues;  Increased awareness of how important it is to find the right school for them; and  Creation of learning opportunities outside their own subject specialism.

Component 2 includes the following sub-components: Sub-component 2.1: Infrastructure Improvements for Capture and Culture Fisheries (IDA US$ 86.2 million) will focus on providing support for: (i) inputs for prioritization of productive infrastructure improvements, and (ii) infrastructure for increased productivity.

The Plan includes the following elements: Future Land Use, Transportation, Housing, Utilities, Conservation, Recreation and Open Space, Intergovernmental Coordination, Capital Improvements, Historic Preservation, Economic Development, and School Concurrency.

The Contract is for two years with three one year renewal options for CM at Risk Services for Airport Improvements for the Department.

Resolution 07-0220 Consent and Agreement for Improvements 2417 NW Springbrooke Drive F.

More Definitions of Improvements

Improvements means improvements to the Land, including buildings, building additions, roads, sewer lines, and infrastructure, together with any and all additions, fixtures, accessions, replacements, and substitutions thereto or therefor.
Improvements means the Hotel and all other buildings, improvements, fixtures and other items of real estate located on the Land.
Improvements means all buildings, structures and improvements of every nature whatsoever now or hereafter situated on the Land, including but not limited to, all gas and electric fixtures, radiators, heaters, engines and machinery, boilers, ranges, elevators and motors, plumbing and heating fixtures, carpeting and other floor coverings, water heaters, awnings and storm sashes, and cleaning apparatuses which are or shall be attached to the Land or said buildings, structures or improvements.
Improvements means the Improvements as defined in Paragraph 1.
Improvements means the improvements referred to in the preamble to this Ordinance and any Substitute Improvements.
Improvements means all buildings, fixtures, structures, parking areas, landscaping and all other improvements whether existing now or hereafter constructed, together with all machinery and mechanical, electrical, HVAC and plumbing systems presently located thereon and used in the operation thereof, excluding (a) any such items owned by utility service providers, (b) any such items owned by tenants or other third-parties unaffiliated with the Borrower and (c) any items of personal property.
Improvements means the buildings, structures, fixtures, additions, enlargements, extensions, modifications, repairs, replacements and improvements now or hereafter erected or located on a Property.