Improvements definition

Improvements means the buildings, structures, improvements, and alterations now constructed or at any time in the future constructed or placed upon the Land, including any future replacements and additions.
Improvements shall have the meaning set forth in the granting clause of the Mortgage.
Improvements means all buildings, improvements, structures and Fixtures now or on the Closing Date located on the Real Property, including, without limitation, landscaping, parking lots and structures, roads, drainage and all above ground and underground utility structures, equipment systems and other so-called “infrastructure” improvements.

Examples of Improvements in a sentence

  • Improvements are capitalized; the costs of normal maintenance and repairs that do not add to the value of the asset or materially extend an asset’s life are not.

  • Improvements are depreciated over the remaining useful lives of the related capital assets.

  • Cost and Savings Estimates for Voluntary Improvements in New ConstructionCool roof is a generic term for roofing materials, including Energy Star products, which reduce the amount of the sun’s heat that is transferred into the building interior.

  • In 1997, the Authority issued $10,000,000 in Multi-Purpose Infrastructure Improvements Bonds for the first phase of projects.

  • The Company does not expect the amendment to have any significant impact in its financial statements.Ind AS 116 – Annual Improvements to Ind AS (2021)The amendments remove the illustration of the reimbursement of leasehold improvements by the lessor in order to resolve any potential confusion regarding the treatment of lease incentives that might arise because of how lease incentives were described in that illustration.

More Definitions of Improvements

Improvements means buildings, structures, equipment from time to time located on the Properties and all parking and common areas located on the Properties.
Improvements shall have the meaning set forth in the granting clause of the related Mortgage with respect to each Individual Property.
Improvements means improvements to the Land, including buildings, building additions, roads, sewer lines, and infrastructure, together with any and all additions, fixtures, accessions, replacements, and substitutions thereto or therefor.
Improvements means all buildings, structures, fixtures, parking areas and other improvements to the Land, and all related facilities.
Improvements means all buildings, structures and improvements of every nature whatsoever now or hereafter situated on the Land, including but not limited to, all gas and electric fixtures, radiators, heaters, engines and machinery, boilers, ranges, elevators and motors, plumbing and heating fixtures, carpeting and other floor coverings, water heaters, awnings and storm sashes, and cleaning apparatuses which are or shall be attached to the Land or said buildings, structures or improvements.
Improvements means the Hotel and all other buildings, improvements, fixtures and other items of real estate located on the Land.
Improvements shall have the meaning set forth in the granting clause of the Security Instrument.