Public Access Sample Clauses

Public Access. Grantor acknowledges and agrees that the general public shall have the regular and substantial opportunity to view the Façade from the streets, sidewalks and other property near the Buildings. Grantor shall have no obligation under this Agreement to allow the general public to view the interior of the Buildings.
Public Access. Unlike conventional hotels or private venues, the Scripps Seaside Forum is part of a public university. Although the Regents grant permission for access to campus property, the reality of the matter is that the general public has free access. The Scripps Forum is a unique venue as it sits on campus property along the border of a public beach. The Scripps campus and the beach are open to the public for access 24 hours a day/7 days a week. The Scripps Seaside Forum is considered an open venue as well. With that said, there are controls that can be put into place that will redirect the public around your event. This may require additional security and other means that may involve additional fees over and above your facility fee. Your Special Events Manager can discuss these options with you.
Public Access. All public roads and streets necessary for access to the Property for the current or contemplated use thereof have been completed, are serviceable and all-weather, and are physically and legally open for use by the public.
Public Access. All streets, roads, highways, bridges and waterways necessary for access to and full use, occupancy, operation and disposition of the Premises and the Improvements have been completed, have been dedicated to and accepted by the appropriate municipal authority and are open and available to the Premises and the Improvements without further condition or cost to Borrower. All curb cuts, driveways and traffic signals shown on the survey delivered to Lender prior to the execution and delivery of this Mortgage are existing and have been fully approved by the appropriate governmental authority.
Public Access. The Leased Property shall remain open to the Public until July 22, 2018 at 9:00 a.m. After 9:00 am on July 22, 2018, the Leased Property will be open only to Lyons residents and Leased Property camping ticket holders. For purposes of this Agreement, individuals with a government-issued form of identification that indicates they reside within the 80540 zip code shall be considered Lyons residents. Lyons residents may access the Leased Property via foot traffic only.
Public Access. Industrial development shall provide public access if required by Section 6.5, Public access.
Public Access. Except to the extent the same could not reasonably be expected to have a Material Adverse Effect, all public roads and streets necessary for access to each Mortgaged Property for the current use thereof have been completed and are open for use by the public, except in the case of repairs or replacements from time to time made to such streets and roads
Public Access. Portions of the property not utilized for agricultural use shall be used and designated for public access as shown on the map attached as part of Schedule A. The Lessee shall cooperate with the Lessor in helping to establish a point of access and creating and maintaining trails on the Property through planting and/or maintenance of grassed buffer strips of sufficient extent and width to be suitable for recreational use and to serve as vegetative buffers at the periphery of the property or in other areas consistent with the planting plan for the Property. Lessee shall maintain such grassed trails through periodic mowing to insure they are accessible and passable. The Lessee will meet with the Lessor prior to the planting season and cooperatively develop a practical plan that does not place undue burden on the Lessee, while accomplishing the goals of the Lessor.
Public Access. The Property has rights of access to public ways and, upon construction thereon, will be served by water, sewer, sanitary sewer and storm drain facilities adequate to service the Property for its intended uses. All public utilities necessary or convenient to the full use and enjoyment of the Property are located either in the public right-of-way abutting the Property (which will be connected so as to serve the Property without passing over other property) or in recorded easements serving the Property and such easements are set forth in and insured by the Title Insurance Policy. All roads necessary for the use of the Property for its current purpose have been completed and dedicated to public use and accepted by all Governmental Authorities. There is no on-site sewage disposal system and, upon construction thereon, the Property will be served by a sewer system maintained by a Governmental Authority or property owners association.