Parking Facility definition

Parking Facility means a parking area or structure having
Parking Facility. - means the area set aside for the storage and parking of vehicles and includes parking stalls, loading spaces, aisles, entrances and exits to the area, and traffic islands where they are part of the parking facility;
Parking Facility means a structure or an area providing for the parking of motor vehicles;

Examples of Parking Facility in a sentence

No specified parking space within the Parking Facility will be allocated for use by Tenant.

Motion by Commissioner Meador, seconded by Commissioner Rinehart, to approve use agreement for county employee committee and City of Conroe Employee Committee to use and manage new parking garage for public use during the Conroe Cat f ish Festival and up to $ 5 parking fee aut horized relat ed to said use, and County Judge authorized to execute same, as per Resolution and Order and Parking Facility Use Restrictions on file.

Closed SessionThe Common Council will adjourn to Closed Session pursuant to Wisconsin Statutes 19.85(1)(e) to discuss potential improvements to East Conant Street Parking Facility and possible transfer of ownership of same.10.

At Landlord’s option, Landlord may make available to Tenant, monthly parking permits for the parking of passenger automobiles in those parking areas designated by Landlord in the Parking Facility for Tenant and its invitees.

Landlord does not assume any responsibility for, and shall not be held liable for any damage or loss to any automobiles or other vehicles parking in the Parking Facility or to any personal property located therein, or for any injury sustained by any person in or about the Parking Facility.

More Definitions of Parking Facility

Parking Facility means (a) any parking garage and any other parking lot or facility adjacent to or in the Complex servicing the Building, and (b) any parking area, open or covered, leased by Landlord to service the Building.
Parking Facility means any property used for vehicle parking.
Parking Facility means real property owned or leased by a government entity,
Parking Facility means an area on a lot or within a building, or both, including one or more parking spaces together with driveways, aisles, turning and maneuvering areas, clearances, and similar features, and meeting the requirements established by this chapter. The term “parking facility” includes parking lots, garages, and parking structures.
Parking Facility means public or private property used, wholly or partly, for restricted or paid vehicle parking. The term includes:
Parking Facility means any lot, garage, building or structure or combination or portion thereof, on or in which motor vehicles are parked, except any such facility used in association with or by a municipal police or fire station, and in the case of university or college campuses, the stock of parking spaces maintained within the City by the university or college which supports university or college activities within the City.
Parking Facility means public or private