Workshop Sample Clauses

Workshop. The workshop purpose is to provide a training venue for TSS professionals engaged in LVC support and operational and institutional training. Official attendees are active duty military personnel, DOD civilians, and other personnel whose attendance is directed and paid for by a DOD/Army contract. Workshops are held annually in a CONUS location to accommodate all TSS Headquarters, Command, Installation, and supporting agencies involved with development, delivery, and support of the TSS program. The workshops may be attended by as many as 1,500 official participants, and include breakouts for each of the main TSS program areas, technical training with automated applications, briefings, and symposiums. The contractor shall provide evaluation of available venues, and assist with the selection and execute agreements to engage the venue. The contractor shall assist with the planning for the workshop to include preparation of required paperwork for Army conference approval. The contractor shall coordinate and execute the workshop including marketing, registration, logistical support, workshop operation, and After Action Reviews (AARs). There are no personal services associated with this contract.
Workshop. The workshop building close to the pool is not accessible to the Guest or member of the Rental Party.
Workshop. An event sponsored by and held at the discretion of the Employer for the purposes outlined in Article 8.3.
Workshop. A meeting in which employees are required to attend training programs.
Workshop. A course of study within the framework of the CIOPORA Academy program;
Workshop. Employees will be given the option of attending at least one (1) approved workshop each year. Staff meetings are not classified as workshops.
Workshop. Upon request of the Director or designee, employees and supervisors who attend outside Special Education meetings/workshops, shall distribute pertinent information obtained or a summary thereof, to other employees whose jobs relate to the subject matter of the meetings/workshops.
Workshop. Any area to be used as a workshop is to be approved in writing by the Management Office.
Workshop. Contractor shall: • With County staff, conduct one community workshop to gather community input and define potential recreational uses at Xxxxxxxx Lake Park.
Workshop. 19. The Borrower shall ensure that during the mid-term review, DOR shall conduct a one-day workshop to share information with stakeholders on the progress of the Project, issues, lessons learned and performance improvement measures as part of the stakeholders communication strategy. Project Performance Monitoring System