Workshop Sample Clauses

Workshop. Employees will be given the option of attending at least one (1) approved workshop each year. Staff meetings are not classified as workshops.
Workshop. Any area to be used as a workshop is to be approved in writing by the Management Office.
Workshop. 25. The Borrower shall ensure that during the mid-term review, NEA and AEPC shall conduct a one-day workshop to share information with stakeholders on the progress of the Project, issues, lessons learned and performance improvement measures as part of the stakeholders communication strategy.
Workshop. Inspired by Jungk and Müllert's concept of Future Workshops [10] and Bosch-Sijtsema et al. methodology [11], the workshop was set to collect potential usersinsights for further development of the AI tool. Partakers were hence encouraged and given ample freedom to brainstorm and propose out-of-the-box ideas.The first part of the workshop was launched with the facilitator playing a video demonstration of the tool prototype. Participants were then divided into groups of 5-6 members of similar discipline- specializations (according to knowledge areas listed in Table 1) and invited to collaborate in Miro- boards [12]. Then, the facilitator encouraged groups to discuss their impressions of the tool and register emerging • Challenges• Opportunities• Future Features• What would need to be realized to achieve these opportunitiesAdditional 15 minutes were then given for groups to cluster their post-it notes under the perceived best-fit categories and add more insights.Before the meeting ended, all participants were requested to answer another survey with the same questions as the first. The responses on the second survey were then compared with the first survey. The differences were later used to analyze if and how the tool presentation and workshop discussions influenced participants’ optimism towards the tool.
Workshop. The Engineer will organize and attend a total of one (1) Workshop Review Meeting with City personnel under the 100 Percent phase of this task to discuss the submittal.
Workshop. The SoPYC workshops are restricted areas and are not for contractors use. It is SoPYC policy that tools and equipment will not be lent or hired out.