Conference Sample Clauses

Conference. Grievants shall have the right to a conference, upon request, at each level.
Conference. Except when detrimental to the general welfare of the College, an employee shall have the opportunity, prior to dismissal or suspension, without pay, to request and have Union representation, at a conference with his/her supervisor and at that time to have full opportunity to review the reason(s) for suspension or dismissal without pay and have an opportunity to rebut such reason(s).
Conference. The conference to discuss the allegations shall be attended by the employee, the employee's Association representative(s), and the Board's representative(s). Said conference shall be held no sooner than five (5) days, nor later than ten (10) days following the employee's receipt of the notice of allegations or at the time and place mutually agreed upon by the parties.
Conference. Observation of an employee or SUCCESS employee shall be followed by a personal conference between the employee or SUCCESS employee and the Employer.
Conference. Observation of an employee shall be followed by a personal conference between the employee and the Employer.
Conference. The Chief Academic Officer shall schedule a meeting to discuss the allegations. The Chief Academic Officer and the Xxxx/Assistant Xxxx will meet with the faculty member and 2 NCSFA- AAUP representatives to discuss the charges against the faculty member and provide the faculty member with an opportunity to present the faculty member’s side of the matter. This meeting shall be scheduled no sooner than five (5) workdays nor later than ten (10) workdays following receipt of the written notice of the allegations (unless extended by mutual agreement in writing by the NCSFA-AAUP, the College, and the faculty member). At least three (3) workdays prior to that meeting, the faculty member and the NCSFA-AAUP shall be provided in writing the specific charge(s) and copies of documentation that support discipline and the specific basis(es) of those charges. This paragraph shall not limit consideration of information that is developed during the hearing process. If the matter is not resolved by mutual agreement at this meeting, the faculty member and the NCSFA-AAUP Grievance Officer shall be sent a written statement of the charges, and the discipline imposed, and copies of additional documents that support discipline. This notification will be provided within ten (10) workdays of the meeting.
Conference. The observation(s) and evaluation conferences with the peer(s) and/or the supervising administrator will be completed within ten (10) days of an observation. Option 2 peer evaluations must be completed by the end of the semester.
Conference. Promptly after the execution of this Contract, CM/GC shall confer with the Program Manager, Design Professional, Owner, and Using Agency to identify personnel and relevant organizational charts of each team member, and to establish working relationships with each team member. Authority of CM/GC. CM/GC is, and at all times during the term of this Contract shall be, an independent CM/GC in the performance of its duties and obligations under this Contract. CM/GC shall have no authority to bind or otherwise obligate Owner, orally, in writing or by any acts, unless specifically authorized by Owner in writing. Nothing contained in this Contract shall constitute or be deemed or construed to create a partnership or joint venture, or any agency relationship, between Owner and CM/GC. Team Evaluation Process, Covenant not to Xxx. If Team Evaluation is elected as part of this Contract, all team members agree to participate in good faith in the State of Georgia’s formal Team Evaluation Process [copies of which will be made available to any bidder on request]. By executing this agreement for construction services with the Owner, the CM/GC waives any and all legal rights for defamation, libel or slander and covenants not to xxx the Board of Regents, the Owner, the Design Professional, the Using Agency, other team members, and their respective representatives and agents for comments, rankings, and results related to the CM/GC's performance posted in good faith as a part of, and in accordance with, said Team Evaluation Process. The Design Professional and other team members, in their agreements with the Owner, have executed, or will execute, a similar agreement. Constitutional Principles Applicable to State Public Works Projects.
Conference. Employees shall have the opportunity to discuss the evaluation with the supervisor or building principal that is responsible for conducting the evaluation. Upon the request of either party for such meeting, the employee shall be notified, in advance, as to the date, time, and place of the meeting to review the completed evaluation. All meetings to discuss evaluations should be held during the normal workday of the employee. In the event the meeting must be held outside the workday, the employee will be paid for the time spent at such meeting.