Weapons Sample Clauses

Weapons. Possession of any weapon or ammunition is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to guns, swords and knives with the blade over five and a half inches. Possession of facsimile weapons is also prohibited. This includes but is not limited to pellet guns, air soft pistols and B.B. guns. Serious injury has occurred in situations where facsimile weapons have been mistaken for actual weapons.
Weapons. We have a zero tolerance of the possession of weapons (sword, knives etc) or firearms (guns etc) in the Room, Building or Common Property. If You are found in possession of weapons, firearms or implements associated with their use in the Room, Building or Common Property We will immediately terminate this agreement and inform the relevant UNSW and legal authorities.
Weapons. STUDENT agrees to comply with the UNIVERSITY policy which states that firearms (including air guns, BB guns, paint ball guns, etc.) are not permitted on the premises or any other UNIVERSITY grounds, and acknowledges that possession of firearms on such property is expressly prohibited by California Penal Code section 626.9. STUDENT also agrees not to keep other weapons (e.g., bow and arrow, sling shot, swords), explosives and toxic substances on the premises.
Weapons. The use or possession of firearms or any illegal or lethal weapon in UTA housing is prohibited. Weapons prohibited in UTA housing or elsewhere on UTA campus are defined by Texas Penal Code, Title 10, Chapter 46 and include, but are not limited to, clubs, location restricted knives, explosive weapons, firearms, firearm silencers, machine guns, short-barrel firearms, armor- piercing ammunition, chemical dispensing devices (other than a small chemical dispensers sold commercially for personal protection), zip guns, tire deflation devices or improvised explosive devices. According to Texas Penal Code, Title 10, Chapter 46, these weapons are prohibited on the UTA campus unless written authorization has been granted by UTA. An offense under this section constitutes a third-degree felony. Additional items prohibited in UTA housing and anywhere on the UTA campus include fireworks, toy look-alike guns, paintball guns, pellet or BB guns, and decorative firearms (working or non-working). Notwithstanding the above, individuals licensed by the State of Texas to carry a concealed handgun may be in possession of a handgun in UTA housing in accordance with State law and UTA policy. A licensed holder in UTA housing must have their handgun(s) on or about their person or safely secured or stored to prevent tampering or theft. The handgun must be stored in a combination or electronic locking steel safe when the handgun is not on or about their person. The safe must be securely attached to a bed frame or other furniture with a steel tethering cable, so as to minimize the possibility of theft. For more information regarding Campus Carry, visit: xxx.xxx.xxx/xxxxxxxxxxx. Lessee agrees that personal property possessed by Lessee in UTA housing in violation of the Rules and Regulations, whether weapons or otherwise, may be seized and disposed of by UTA at UTA’s sole option and discretion in accordance with its policies on disposal of surplus property or other applicable policies.
Weapons. For the safety and well-being of all residents and staff, no weapons, including, but not limited to guns and knives, are to be brought into the FACILITY at any time. This policy applies to Resident guests as well.
Weapons. (1) If the Contractor requests that its personnel performing in the theater of operations be authorized to carry weapons, the request shall be made through the Contracting Officer to the COMUSK. The COMUSK will determine whether to authorize in-theater contractor personnel to carry weapons and what weapons will be allowed.
Weapons. Tenant shall not display or in any way threaten, intimidate or harass any resident, guest or agent of the Owner or Owner's Agent with any weapon of any kind or any instrument that could be deemed or perceived to be a weapon, including, but not limited to, firearms, rifles, shotguns, bb guns, pellet guns, paintball guns, knives, machetes and the like in or on the common areas of the property. Tenant shall not discharge any type of firearm on the property including Tenant's unit.