Evacuation Sample Clauses

Evacuation. The Company shall make all available efforts to ensure the release, evacuation and/or medical care of the Executive and/or members of his family if the Executive and/or members of his family are kidnapped, held hostage, require emergency medical evacuation or are caught up in any kind of civil unrest or violence during Executive’s performance of Services to the Company.
Evacuation. Plans for the orderly evacuation and interstate reception of portions of the civilian population as the result of any emergency or disaster of sufficient proportions to so warrant, shall be worked out and maintained between the party states and the emergency management or services directors of the various jurisdictions where any type of incident requiring evacuations might occur. Such plans shall be put into effect by request of the state from which evacuees come and shall include the manner of transporting such evacuees, the number of evacuees to be received in different areas, the manner in which food, clothing, housing, and medical care will be provided, the registration of the evacuees, the providing of facilities for the notification of relatives or friends, and the forwarding of such evacuees to other areas or the bringing in of additional materials, supplies, and all other relevant factors. Such plans shall provide that the party state receiving evacuees and the party state from which the evacuees come shall mutually agree as to reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses incurred in receiving and caring for such evacuees, for expenditures for transportation, food, clothing, medicines and medical care, and like items. Such expenditures shall be reimbursed as agreed by the party state from which the evacuees come. After the termination of the emergency or disaster, the party state from which the evacuees come shall assume the responsibility for the ultimate support of repatriation of such evacuees.
Evacuation. Tenant agrees to evacuate in the case of emergency at the sole discretion of the Landlord and/or the University of Maryland. Tenant understands that no reduction in rent will be given in the case of emergency evacuations.
Evacuation. (1) If the Commander orders a mandatory evacuation of some or all personnel, the Government will provide assistance, to the extent available, to contractor personnel who are U.S. citizens and third-country nationals.
Evacuation. (1) In the event of a non-mandatory evacuation order, unless authorized in writing by the Contracting Officer, the Contractor shall maintain personnel on location sufficient to meet obligations under this contract.
Evacuation. We will pay any necessary and reasonable increases in living expense incurred by you while access to your principal residence is prohibited by order of a civil authority. Such order for evacuation must be as a direct result of a sudden and accidental event occurring within Canada or the United States of America. You are insured for additional expenses incurred during a period of up to two weeks from the date of the order of evacuation and up to a maximum of $2,500. You are not insured for any claim arising out of an evacuation order resulting from:
Evacuation. If Landlord closes the Building and calls for its evacuation by means of written or oral notice to the Premises (which notice may be personal, telephonic, email, or by means of the Building’s public address system), or suggests by means of written or oral notice to the Premises (which notice may be personal, telephonic, email or by means of the Building’s public address system) that the Building be evacuated for any reason, including because of an electrical failure, and if one or more of Tenant’s owners, officers, directors, employees, contractors, agents, licensees, invitees or other persons acting on behalf of or at the request, or with permission, of Tenant (collectively, “Tenant’s Personnel”) remain in or later enter the Building or the Premises during the evacuation period, then Tenant hereby waives all Claims against Landlord and the Indemnitees for any injury incurred by any of Tenant’s Personnel, or injury to property, due in whole or in part to Tenant’s failure to evacuate all of Tenant’s Personnel from the Premises and the Building. Further, Tenant will hold the Indemnitees harmless from and defend and indemnify them against any and all Claims incurred by them as a direct or indirect result of Tenant’s Personnel remaining in the Premises or the Building during such evacuation period.
Evacuation. If in an emergency situation it is necessary to evacuate the building indefinitely, all occupants of the school buildings will go to St. John’s Catholic Church. This will be our safe point from which students can be picked up.