Victims Sample Clauses

Victims. The NPS will co-operate with the CRC as required in relation to domestic homicide reviews and serious case reviews where the CRC has any involvement with the case. The NPS will request and receive information from the CRC to support the NPS’ statutory victim liaison duty. The NPS will liaise with the CRC in relation to the suitability of any referrals that are made by the CRC into the VLO scheme and will consider the suitability of all referrals received on allocated persons (including proposals for discretionary or voluntary victim contact). The NPS will co-operate with the CRC to facilitate an effective service for victims.
Victims. 8.1. The Parties agree that it is essential to acknowledge and address the suffering of victims, paying attention to the most vulnerable groups, and to promote and facilitate their right to contribute to society.
Victims. Redressing victims is at the core of the National GovernmentFARC-EP Agreement. In this sense, the following shall be addressed:
Victims. Victims' photographs will only be released with permission from the victim or their relatives. Pursuits Details of all police pursuits are not routinely released to the media unless they result in a serious or fatal accident or are linked to a serious crime. However, if the media are aware of an incident, brief details may be given, confirming that a vehicle was being followed by a police car, the time and location of the pursuit, how the pursuit started, brief details of the vehicle which was being followed, and any injuries. Details about how the accident happened will not be confirmed so as not to prejudice any investigation by the Independent Police Complaints Commission or any future court proceedings.
Victims a. The School Entity shall promptly notify the parent or guardian of a victim when the Law Enforcement Authority interviews that victim. The Law Enforcement Authority shall follow its policies and procedures when interviewing a victim to ensure the protection of the victim’s legal and constitutional rights.
Victims rights ......................................................................................................................... 12
Victims. Victims’ rights protection in the Netherlands Panellist: J. van Dijk (University of Tilburg, Intervict) Facilitator: B. Boermans (Bonded Labour in the Netherlands)
Victims. This resolution seemed to have stronger discussions about truth and the nature of the conflict• It also sought the truth about victims and the human rights violations that came with the conflict• The UN-Colombia, along with the National University brought together a group of victims from throughout Colombia to speak to negotiators. They discussed the circumstances surrounding the talks and the process with which the guerrillas should be treated. While negotiators came to an agreement on September 23 2016, many victims do not see the guidelines chosen as true justice (Hataway, 15).
Victims are those who are directly injured or affected by the crime committed.