School entity definition

School entity means a school district, intermediate
School entity means any entity defined as such in subdivision (f) of Section 95 of the Revenue and Taxation Code.
School entity means a public school district,

Examples of School entity in a sentence

  • School entity" means an approved private school, school administrative unit, public charter school, education service center, school in the unorganized territory or school operated by the State.[PL 2019, c.

  • If the parents or guardians are unable to provide the required education, Wissahickon Charter School entity shall, within 10 days of receipt of the notification, make provision for the student’s education.

  • School entity request for information on covered contract employees.

  • The Charter School is financially accountable for: ! Organizations that make up the legal Charter School entity.

  • School entity – A local public education provider (for example – public school, charter school, cyber- charter school, area vocational-technical school or intermediate unit).

More Definitions of School entity

School entity means a school district, intermediate unit,
School entity means any public school district,
School entity means an area [vocational-technical]
School entity means a school district, an intermediate
School entity means a school district, area
School entity means an area [vocational-technical] career