Card Transaction definition

Card Transaction means the purchase of goods and/or services, benefits or reservations (including without limitations any reservation made by the Cardholder for air, ship, rail, motor or other transportation or hotel or other lodging or accommodation or other transportation, rented or hired, whether or not utilized by the Cardholder) and/or receiving Cash Advances by the use of the Card or the Card numbers or the PIN or in any other manner including without limitation mail, telephone or facsimile orders or reservations authorized or made by the Cardholder, regardless of whether sales slip or cash advance or other voucher or form is signed by the Cardholder.
Card Transaction means any purchase of goods and/or services or any transfer or cash advances effected by the use of a Card;
Card Transaction means any payment instruction carried out using your Citibank ATM/Debit Card, the CIN and/or the PIN, whether with or without your knowledge and/or authority (including any point-of-sales payment transactions and purchases via the internet and mail order and telephone orders for any goods/services and/or benefits).

Examples of Card Transaction in a sentence

  • Your Scouterz Wallet enables you to purchase, request, receive, and store Starz and Talent Cards in a form of NFTs only in the Scouterz Platform, by giving instructions through the Site (each such transaction is an "Talent Card Transaction").

More Definitions of Card Transaction

Card Transaction means a payment (whether for goods or services or of charges incurred or otherwise) or transfer effected or Cash Advance obtained through the use of a Card and/or the Card Particulars of a Card.
Card Transaction means a transaction a Stripe Issuing Accountholder or its Card Authorised User initiates to make a payment with a Card or, if permitted, to obtain cash at an automatic teller machine (ATM).
Card Transaction shall have the meaning ascribed to it in the Citibank ATM/ Debit Card terms and conditions; “Citigroup, Inc” refers to Citigroup, Inc., a corporation incorporated in the United States of America;
Card Transaction means any payment made or any amount charged for any goods, services and/or other benefits by, through or from the use of the Card in signature or the PIN or in any other manner, regardless whether a sales draft or other voucher or form is signed by you and whether authorisation has been sought by us;
Card Transaction means any type of transaction effected by using a Card, including through the use of any Digital Payment Service and/or Enabled Device.
Card Transaction means any payment made or Cash Advance obtained with the use of the Card and/or the PIN by a Cardmember.
Card Transaction means the purchase of goods, services, receipt of benefits, reservation, and/or receipt of “Cash Advance” as made by the “Cardholder” against, and by the use of the “Card”, the Card number, and/or the “PIN” including mail, telephone, and/or facsimile orders.