RELEVANT TIME Sample Clauses

RELEVANT TIME. Any reference in this agreement to a specific date shall be effective immediately following the midnight, New York time, that precedes the 24-hour period that comprises the date specified.
RELEVANT TIME. 11.00 a.m., Brussels time.
RELEVANT TIME. 11:00 a.m. Central European Time
RELEVANT TIME shall be:‌


  • Part-Time Employees in this category shall be hired pursuant to such procedures as the Employer may establish and shall be assigned to regular schedules of less than forty (40) hours in a service week, or shall be available to work flexible hours as assigned by the Employer during the course of a service week.

  • Court Time An employee who is called to appear as a witness in his/her official capacity by a court, including administrative court, on a scheduled day off, a scheduled vacation day or other approved day off shall be paid for the hours so spent, including actual, necessary travel time, at his/her regular hourly rate. Payment under this Article shall be the total payment for such court time from all sources other than regular pay for the scheduled day off.

  • Contract Time The period of time established for completion of the Project by the Contract Documents. Contract Time commences upon the date specified in the Proceed Order and ends upon the Material Completion and Occupancy Date, as it may be amended.

  • Member The Member owns 100% of the limited liability company interests in the Company.