Normal Use Sample Clauses

Normal Use. Any rental rate provided to Customer covers normal use only, not to exceed eight (8) hours per day, forty (40) hours per week or one hundred and sixty (160) hours per four week period. Any excess use will be pro-rated against the appropriated rate and charged to Customer.
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Normal Use. Use of the Mobile Device in accordance with the Samsung guidelines for Mobile Device usage including but not limited to regular maintenance & up-keep of the Mobile Device, usage of specified protection devices such as voltage stabilizers.
Normal Use. The use of industrial electronics recommended by the manufacturer of industrial electronics. In case this is not described by the manufacturer, normal use is considered to be the use of industrial electronics as generally considered common, or how a reasonably acting user must use the industrial electronics.
Normal Use. None of the Sellers knows of any facts nor have any of the Sellers failed to disclose any fact which would prevent any of the Leased Property from being used and operated after the Closing as Arby's Restaurants in accordance in all material respects with the operational terms of the Arby's License Agreements.
Normal Use. Unless otherwise set forth herein, Customer agrees to pay any overtime charges, as determined by WSECO, for use of the Equipment in excess of Normal Use. Normal use means: a day = 8 hours, a week = 40 hours, 4 weeks = 176
Normal Use. Keep the Property and all furnishings in good order. Only use appliances for their intended uses.
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Normal Use. With respect to the Mobile Services, Fair Use shall mean "normal professional use". Unless the terms "normal professional use" should be defined differently in the order, it allows very intensive use of the Mobile Services, limited only by the restrictions stated explicitly hereafter. Only in the case of fraud (such as: commercial use of the contract, particularly for call center or SIM box purposes, and/or allowing use by third parties), dishonest use or, more generally, use that does not accord with use that may reasonably be expected from a Client that has taken out a certain Subscription (for instance use of the mobile telephone as a baby alarm) is there deemed to be use that is not normal. Except in the case of special promotions that expressly deviate from the limits set out below, use of the Mobile Services shall be regarded as fraudulent where the Client or End User: • regularly makes calls for more than 6 hours a day and/or 30 hours a week ; or • regularly makes back-to-back calls with less than 1 minute in between for more than 3 hours ; or • sends more than 350 Text Messages a day and/or 10,000 Text Messages a month; or • sends more than 50 MMSs a day and/or more than 400 MMSs a month to mobile phone numbers on the Network and/or e-mail addresses; or • sends more than 20 MMSs a day and/or more than 100 MMSs a month to other mobile networks; or • in the context of the use of Data Services, generates data traffic from Belgium that amounts to more than 500 MB a day and/or more than 5 GB a month; • resells the Mobile Services to third parties or makes any use of the Mobile Services other than as an End User; • modifies or spoofs the caller line identification (CLI).
Normal Use. Synexis warrants that under normal use and service, all Goods and Services will remain in satisfactory operating condition during their respective warranty periods as described in Section 12.1; provided, that the Goods are continuously maintained in accordance with all applicable service requirements and the Product Manuals from the date of delivery. Synexis shall not be liable for a breach of any warranty if: (i) Buyer makes any further use of such Goods after giving written notice of a defect; (ii) the defect arises because Buyer failed to follow Synexis’ written instructions as to the storage, installation, commissioning, environmental conditions, use or maintenance of the Goods; or (iii) Buyer or any third party alters or repairs such Goods without the prior written consent of Synexis.
Normal Use. ATG's unlimited small business plans and features are intended solely for normal commercial use by small businesses and home offices. ATG's residential unlimited Service plans and features are solely for normal residential or personal use. These Services are limited to the personal use of the account holder and immediate family (including domestic partners) who reside with the account holder. ATG voice Services are designed only for continuous live dialog between two individuals. Unusual calling patterns, excessive called numbers and/or consistent excessive usage will each be considered an indicator that usage is exceeding normal standards. ATG’s Service may not be used for auto-dialing, continuous, or extensive call forwarding, excessive conferencing, inbound/outbound centralized or distributed call center activity, telemarketing (including charitable or political solicitation or polling), fax or voicemail blasting, or for continuous or extensive chat line access, or as an open telephone line as a monitor, intercom or transcription service.
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