Replace with Sample Clauses

Replace with. ...The term of exclusivity would run simultaneously for the Birmingham, Memphis/Jackxxx, Jacksonville, and Atlanta MTAs and for the Kentucky and Tennessee BTAs, and would commence on March 4, 1996, and end on December 31, 2001..."
Replace with. The following fittings of the type and size shown on the Drawings are included in this Bid Item: two (2) D.I. MJ Tees, one (1) D.I. MJ Bend, one (1) D.I. MJ Cap, two (2) D.I. Transition Sleeves or MJ Sleeves as required.
Replace with. The size of the connections listed in Items 124a to 124g in the table below will be paid based on the following: The first size number correlates to the size of the new pipe and valve between the two water mains. The second size number correlates to the size of the run on the new tee that connects into the existing water main. Any additional reducers or increasers will be paid under Bid Item No. 125.
Replace with. ...PURCHASER would utilize SELLER as the exclusive PCS 1900 Equipment provider for the Birmingham, Memphis/Jackxxx, Xxcksonville, and Atlanta MTAs and for the Kentucky and Tennessee BTAs, as set forth more fully below..."
Replace with. Section 4: Evaluation No later than October 1st of each year of this Agreement, the Committee and the Superintendent shall meet to discuss the establishment of mutually acceptable goals, including measurable outcomes, taking into account the educational goals of the School District. No later than August 1st of each year of this Agreement, the Committee shall annually evaluate the Superintendent's performance, using the Commonwealth of Massachusetts' Evaluation Form, and the process, if any, established by the Commonwealth.. The evaluation and assessment shall be based upon the accomplishment of the agreed-upon goals. Prior to the evaluation, the Superintendent shall provide the Committee with a written self-appraisal and the Committee shall take this self-appraisal into account in evaluating the Superintendent. The Chair shall complete the evaluation for the Committee. In conducting the evaluation, the entire Committee shall vote on the Superintendent’s performance. All other terms and conditions in said Employment Agreement shall remain as set forth in the original Employment Agreement. In witness whereof, the parties have signed and sealed this Agreement and a duplicate and triplicate thereof this day of May, 2022. City of Xxxxxx School Committee, Xx. Xxxx Xxxx Superintendent of Schools APPROVED AS TO FORM:
Replace with. The City agrees to supply the Union with an electronic version of this Agreement. It shall be the Union's responsibility to disseminate the same to all of its membership. The City shall supply the Union with ten (10) printed copies of this Agreement.
Replace with. If the obligations in clause 31 of the Licence Agreement have terminated this Agreement will automatically terminate on the same date." Yours sincerely /s/ Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxx NCC Escrow International [INITIALS ILLEGIBLE] [INITIALS ILLEGIBLE] 20.3.98 30.4.98 [NCC Escrow International logo] This document is to be used where an Owner deposits source code on behalf of a single user only.