The Goal Sample Clauses

The Goal. A. Under the EBO Plan, Owner agrees to exercise best efforts to achieve a minimum goal of at least 38% participation ("Goal") by M/FBEs measured by the total of all Modified Project Costs (as hereinafter defined). Although the Goal shall apply to the overall Project, Owner shall be expected to substantially meet the Goal throughout all Phases of the Project.
The Goal. To improve the quality of life for all residents of the Middle District of North Carolina by employing a comprehensive district-wide strategy to reduce gang-related violent crime and illegal gun possession. THE PLAN To identify repeat, violent individual and/or group offenders, particularly those who illegally possess and use firearms. To notify those identified that it is time to stop the violence. To assist those who want to change their lifestyle. To respond aggressively to acts of violence. To vigorously prosecute in State and Federal court those involved in group and gang- related, violent, or serious criminal behavior. To review every individual, group or gang- related gun or ammunition case for State or Federal prosecution. Brochure funded by North Carolina Governor’s Crime Commission grant project #008258 and Bureau of Justice Assistance grant 2011-GP-BX- 0023. The opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this publication/program/exhibition are those of the au- thor(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the U.S. Department of Justice or the N.C. Department of Public Safety/Governor’s Crime Commission. A Partnership between Community and Law Enforcement to reduce gun and gang-related violent crime and to improve the quality of life for all residents of the Middle District of North Carolina‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌ For more information or to become a supporter of Project SAFE Neighborhoods please visit: xxxx:// ncm/index.html Xxxxxx X.X. Xxxx Assistant U.S. Attorney PSN and Anti-Gang Coordinator Middle District of North Carolina United States Department of Justice For additional information contact us at: 000-000-0000 Prepared by the PSN Research Partner for the United States Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of North Carolina: Across the Middle District, over fifty law enforcement agencies are working with nearly 200 community resource agencies using PSN strategies to reduce violent gun and gang crime. As a result of these efforts, over 200 offender notification meetings have been held, reaching over 3,500 offenders with the message that violence by those offenders or members of their groups will not be tolerated. What is a Notification? Violent repeat offenders are ‘called-in’ to meet with community representatives, law enforcement, and community resource providers to receive the messages that violence must stop; a resource delivery structure is in place to support those who n...
The Goal a. This Plan establishes a minimum goal of at least 31% participation by M/FBEs who are Georgia Certified Contractors and Vendors (as defined herein) (the “Goal”) expressed as a percentage of the dollar value of the contracts with Georgia Certified Contractors and Vendors to the total of all Modified NSP Costs (as defined below).
The Goal. The Goal of this Agreement is “To ensure that the future expansion of Xxxxxxxx City takes place rationally in a well ordered and co-ordinated manner into the most suitably located surrounding areas in the best interests of the present and future inhabitants of the City.” In establishing this goal the two councils jointly desire to address the sustainable development future of both communities, as recognised within the Local Government Act 2002, and existing cross boundary issues within the context of the Resource Management Act 1991.
The Goal. When Students return to school there will be adequate classroom supplies available. The youngest Students will have access to basic hygiene supplies and other items of comfort. Staff, Students and their families will have access to a selection of evidence-based resiliency programs as may be deemed appropriate by JCS. THE PLAN: SCUS shall provide funds to JCS to purchase back to school supplies for Students and to replenish classroom supplies. Further, SCUS shall provide Comfort Kits to JCS to distribute to Students in their elementary schools. Finally, SCUS shall offer programming such as Parent Prep and Prep Rally which JCS may use for back to school, parent night, and other district activities (See Appendix 2). SUPPLIES: SCUS will provide JCS $50,000 for the purchase of back to school classroom supplies. JCS will accept the funds and disburse them using generally accepted accounting procedures. JCS will determine which supplies are needed at which schools, and the manner in which the supplies will be purchased and distributed. JCS will report the disposition of the funds to SCUS according to the REPORTING TOOLKIT accompanying this MOA. (See Appendix 1).

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  • DBE Goal A portion of the total contract, expressed as a percentage, that is to be performed by committed DBE subcontractor(s). Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) - A firm certified as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise through the North Carolina Unified Certification Program. Goal Confirmation Letter - Written documentation from the Department to the bidder confirming the Contractor's approved, committed DBE participation along with a listing of the committed DBE firms.

  • Performance Goals A. The Trust and State Street have developed mutually acceptable performance goals dated March 1, 2011 , and as may be amended from time to time, regarding the manner in which they expect to deliver and receive the services under this Agreement (hereinafter referred to as “Service Level Agreement”). The parties agree that such Service Level Agreement reflects performance goals and any failure to perform in accordance with the provisions thereof shall not be considered a breach of contract that gives rise to contractual or other remedies. It is the intention of the parties that the sole remedy for failure to perform in accordance with the provisions of the Service Level Agreement, or any dispute relating to performance goals set forth in the Service Level Agreement, will be a meeting of the parties to resolve the failure pursuant to the consultation procedure described in Sections V. B. and V.C. below. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the parties hereby acknowledge that any party’s failure (or lack thereof) to meet the provisions of the Service Level Agreement, while not in and of itself a breach of contract giving rise to contractual or other remedies, may factor into the Trust’s reasonably determined belief regarding the standard of care exercised by State Street hereunder.

  • PERFORMANCE OBJECTIVES 4.1 The Performance Plan (Annexure A) sets out-

  • Performance Criteria Subject to the Holder’s continuous employment through the Settlement Date and subject to Section 6 below, the Holder will earn a number of Units on the Settlement Date determined based on the achievement of annual goals related to earnings per share (the “Company Performance Measure”) and the relative total shareholder return (“Relative TSR”) during the period beginning on January 1, 2017 and ending on December 31, 2019 (the “Performance Cycle”), in each case, as determined by the Committee; provided, that the number of earned Units cannot exceed Holder’s target number of Units if the Company’s absolute total shareholder return (“Absolute TSR,” and together with Relative TSR, “TSR”) during the Performance Cycle is not positive, as determined by the Committee.

  • Contract Goals A. For purposes of this procurement, OGS conducted a comprehensive search and determined that the Contract does not offer sufficient opportunities to set goals for participation by MWBEs as subcontractors, service providers, or suppliers to Contractor. Contractor is, however, encouraged to make every good faith effort to promote and assist the participation of MWBEs on this Contract for the provision of services and materials. The directory of New York State Certified MWBEs can be viewed at: xxxxx:// Additionally, following Contract execution, Contractor is encouraged to contact the Division of Minority and Women’s Business Development ((000) 000-0000; (000) 000-0000; or (000) 000-0000) to discuss additional methods of maximizing participation by MWBEs on the Contract.

  • Goals Goals define availability, performance and other objectives of Service provisioning and delivery. Goals do not include remedies and failure to meet any Service Goal does not entitle Customer to a Service credit.

  • Performance Factors (a) Each party will notify the other party of the existence of a Performance Factor, as soon as reasonably possible after the party becomes aware of the Performance Factor. The Notice will: