Grant project definition

Grant project means a project financed in whole or in part by revenues received from the federal and/or State government for operating or capital purposes as defined by the grant contract.
Grant project means a project funded under the child abuse prevention program as awarded by the contractor.
Grant project or “Project” means the specific work and activities that are supported by the funds provided under the Grant Agreement as a result of this RFA.

Examples of Grant project in a sentence

  • Grantee represents that it has full power and authority, and has obtained all necessary approvals, to accept the Grant, to carry out the terms of the Grant and this Agreement, and to conduct the Grant project in compliance with all applicable laws.

  • Grantee acknowledges that, except for the Grant, the Commission has no obligation to provide, and the Commission has not led Grantee to believe in any way (whether expressly or by implication) that the Commission will provide any additional or future assistance, financial or otherwise, either to Grantee or for the Grant project.

  • We do not anticipate that any individual procurement under a Go-Create Grant project will exceed £24,999.

  • The Project Manager, at her/his sole discretion, may require additional programmatic information or financial documentation of Grant project expenditures.

  • All expenditures made from Grant funds for Grant project capital costs must be made at least sixty (60) days prior to the expiration of this Agreement.

More Definitions of Grant project

Grant project means the project for which a grant has been awarded;
Grant project means the particular radio or television program or series, website, or other project for which a Grantee has obtained partial or complete funding from CPB, as described in the Workscope of the Grant Agreement.
Grant project means a project for which a grant is awarded;
Grant project means a project for which a grant is awarded to provide services or activities for one or more grant programs;
Grant project means the work and activities for which Grant funding is awarded and information is provided as part of the Grant Application under this RFA.
Grant project means the particular radio or television program or