Percentage Goal definition

Percentage Goal shall have the meaning ascribed to it in III.A. hereof. “Policy” shall mean this Construction Jobs Policy.

Examples of Percentage Goal in a sentence

  • BBP may, in its sole discretion, grant a full or partial waiver of the Percentage Goal to a Proposer that demonstrates, before submission of its proposal, that the Proposer has legitimate business reasons for proposing a lower level of subcontracting in its M/WBE Utilization Plan in accordance with BBP practice and procedure.

  • MBE/WBE Percentage Goal: The bidder shall have as a goal subcontracting not less than ten percent (10%) MBE and five percent (5%) WBE of the awarded Agreement price for work to be performed.

  • If Part I, Section 1.8 indicates that the Contract is subject to an SDVOB Percentage Goal, the Consultant must comply with the SDVOB requirements provided in Appendix F - SDVOB Requirements.

  • If Part I, Section 1.7 indicates that the Contract is subject to an M/WBE Percentage Goal, the Consultant must comply with the M/WBE requirements provided in Appendix E - M/WBE Requirements.

  • Business Category Participation Percentage Goal – Percentage of Total Construction Cost for the Project LBE 12% MBE 6% WBE 4% It is the intent of the UG to give preference to the utilization of LBEs so long as all other factors relating to the award of an individual contract are equal.

  • All TOPs will require a specific DBE Percentage Goal for the individual task order and the contractor will be required to make good faith efforts to reach the goal in accordance with the contractor’s overall DBE Subcontracting Plan and the IDIQ Contract.

  • Each Prime Contractor agrees that, if it has not satisfied the Percentage Goal with regard to a particular Covered Contract, it shall pay to the Village liquidated damages in the amount of $.20 per dollar of Covered Contract work by which the Prime Contractor fell short of the Percentage Goal.

  • The authors identified; Attempts, Shoot Percentage, Goal Assists, Rebounds, Centre Pass Receives, Intercepts, Deflections, Penalties and Turnovers as PI’s of importance, however they could not relate these to synchronous league-wide evolution of the way the game is played.

  • Qualitative Goal Percentage Goal Number 1 Dollar Value $5,502.49 DESCRIPTION OF GOAL: Assess and make recommendations for implementation of specifically targeted social-emotional learning initiatives to further promote a positive school climate, increase academic success, and prepare students to solve problems, manage emotions, and better communicate.

  • Good faith efforts to satisfy the Percentage Goal include the steps set forth in Section VI.B.1, above; documentation of reasons for rejection of any bids timely-submitted by Prequalified Contractors or other Targeted Businesses; and documentation of notifications of bidding opportunities for each Construction Subcontract.

Related to Percentage Goal

  • Annual Percentage Rate or “APR” of a Receivable means the annual rate of finance charges stated in such Receivable.

  • Target Bonus Percentage means, with respect to any Executive, the target bonus percentage specified for such Executive in his or her Employment Agreement.

  • Vesting Percentage means the percentage by which the Target Total Award is multiplied as set forth in the chart in Section II below.

  • Payout Percentage means the percentage (between 0% and 200%) determined by the Committee in accordance with the procedures set forth in Paragraph 2, which shall be used to determine the value of each Performance Unit.

  • Achievement Percentage means the percentage of achievement determined by the Committee after the end of the Performance Cycle in accordance with Section 4 that reflects the extent to which the Company achieved the Performance Goals during the Performance Cycle.

  • Performance Percentage means the factor determined pursuant to a Performance Schedule that is to be applied to a Target Award and that reflects actual performance compared to the Performance Target.

  • Actual Deferral Percentage means, for a specified group of Participants for a Plan Year, the average of the ratios (calculated separately for each Participant in the group) of (1) the amount of Employer contributions actually paid over to the Trust on behalf of the Participant for the Plan Year to (2) the Participant's Earnings for the Plan Year (or, provided that the Employer applies this method to all Employees for a Plan Year, the Participant's Earnings for that portion of the Plan Year during which he was eligible to participate in the Plan). Employer contributions on behalf of any Participant shall include: (i) his Elective Deferrals, including Excess Elective Deferrals of Highly Compensated Employees, but excluding (A) Excess Elective Deferrals of Non-Highly Compensated Employees that arise solely from Elective Deferrals made under the Plan or another plan maintained by an Affiliated Employer, and (B) Elective Deferrals that are taken into account in the Average Contribution Percentage test described in Section 5.10 (provided the ADP test is satisfied both with and without exclusion of these Elective Deferrals), and excluding Elective Deferrals returned to a Participant to reduce an Excess Amount as defined in Section 6.5(f); and (ii) if the Employer has elected to make Qualified Nonelective Contributions, such amount of Qualified Nonelective Contributions, if any, as shall be necessary to enable the Plan to satisfy the ADP test and not used to satisfy the ACP test; and (iii) if the Employer has elected to make Qualified Matching Contributions, such amount of Qualified Matching Contributions, if any, as shall be necessary to enable the Plan to satisfy the ADP test and not used to satisfy the ACP test. For purposes of computing Actual Deferral Percentages, an Employee who would be a Participant but for his failure to make Elective Deferrals shall be treated as a Participant on whose behalf no Elective Deferrals are made.

  • Performance Goal means a performance goal established by the Committee pursuant to Section 10.3.

  • Target Percentage means those percentages assigned to Participants pursuant to Section 3.2 hereof.

  • Monthly Uptime Percentage means total number of minutes in a calendar month minus the number of minutes of Downtime suffered in a calendar month, divided by the total number of minutes in a calendar month.

  • Average Actual Deferral Percentage means the average (expressed as a percentage) of the Actual Deferral Percentages of the Eligible Participants in a group.

  • percentage ratios has the meaning ascribed to it under the Listing Rules;

  • Percentage Ratio means with respect to a Trust, the percentage relationship among the Securities based on the number of contracts of each Option per Unit, the principal amount of each Bond per Unit and the number of shares of each Equity Security per Unit compared to all Securities attributable to each Unit existing immediately prior to the related additional deposit of Securities. The Percentage Ratio shall be adjusted to the extent necessary, and may be rounded, to reflect the occurrence of a stock dividend, a stock split or a similar event which affects the capital structure of the issuer of a security."

  • Total Percentage Interest means, with respect to any Partner, the quotient obtained by dividing the number of Units (vested or unvested) then owned by such Partner by the number of Units then owned by all Partners.

  • Deferral Percentage means the percentage (which, unless the Administrator, in his or her sole discretion, determines otherwise, shall be in whole percentage increments and not more than 90%) specified by the Participant to be the percentage of each payment of Compensation he or she wishes to defer under the Plan.

  • Performance Factor means any matter that could or will significantly affect a party’s ability to fulfill its obligations under this Agreement;

  • Multiplier means 1.0.

  • Constant Percentage 2 means 100%;

  • Total Percentage means, with respect to any Lender at any time, the ratio (expressed as a percentage) of such Lender’s Aggregate Exposure at such time to the Aggregate Exposure of all Lenders at such time.

  • Target EBITDA means, for each fiscal year, the EBITDA set forth in the operating budget of the Company, as approved by the Board, for the particular year.

  • Cumulative EBITDA means, as of any date of determination, EBITDA of the Company from the Existing Notes Issue Date to the end of the Company’s most recently ended full fiscal quarter prior to such date, taken as a single accounting period.

  • Non-PO Percentage As to any Discount Mortgage Loan, a fraction (expressed as a percentage) the numerator of which is the Adjusted Net Mortgage Rate of such Discount Mortgage Loan and the denominator of which is the Required Coupon. As to any Non-Discount Mortgage Loan, 100%.

  • Weighting factor wT for an organ or tissue (T) means the proportion of the risk of stochastic effects resulting from irradiation of that organ or tissue to the total risk of stochastic effects when the whole body is irradiated uniformly. For calculating the effective dose equivalent, the values of wT are:

  • Performance Measurement Period has the meaning set forth in Section 3.1(e)(ii).

  • Constant Percentage 1 means 100%;

  • Applicable Multiplier means, with respect to any Rate Period for any Series of RVMTP Shares, the percentage set forth opposite the applicable credit rating most recently assigned to such Series by the Rating Agency in the table below on the Rate Determination Date for such Rate Period: Long-Term Ratings* Fitch Applicable Multiplier AAA to AA- 100% A+ to A- 000% BBB+ to BBB- 140% *And/or the equivalent ratings of any other Rating Agency then rating the RVMTP Shares utilizing the highest of the ratings of the Rating Agencies then rating the RVMTP Shares.