Tents Sample Clauses

Tents. Requests for tents will be considered on an individual basis. If approved, all tenting must be done by one of the DCA’s approved tenting companies. All tents require a permit from the Town of Darien Building Department and inspection prior to the event. No stakes may be driven into the lawns or parking lot. DELIVERIES/PICK-UPS Rented supplies may be delivered one day in advance of rental and picked up before 8:30 am on the next business day (i.e. Saturday rental supplies may be picked up on Monday), but these arrangements must be confirmed with the DCA. Food, refrigerated items, wedding cakes and flowers must be delivered during the event set-up hours. The DCA is not responsible for any supplies, rentals or personal items while on the premises.
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Tents. If a Renter requires to erect a large tent structure for the event, they may be required to obtain a building permit for the structure and should contact the Planning and Development Department – Building Branch, and discuss the requirements with the Building Assistant at (705)645-5264 ext. 236.
Tents. All tents or air supported structures used during the term of this permit shall comply with Section 31 of the Michigan Building Code and Section 24 of the International Fire Code. Material of all tents shall be of non-combustible material or flame resistant material conforming to NFPA 701, treated in an approved manner to render the material flame resistant. Appropriate documentation must be presented to any Building Code Enforcement Officer, Fire Official or other Code Official upon request. A copy shall also be retained on the premises where the tent is located. The documentation must attest to the following information relative to the flame resistance of the fabric:
Tents. No tents or other structures may be erected on the Rinat premises or grounds, without the prior consent of Rinat and the approval of the Teaneck township authorities.
Tents. There are to be no use of any tents at the Community Center; or
Tents. All tents are to anchored to withstand the elements of weather and collapse • Tents over 900 sq. ft. or canopies over 400 sq. ft. shall not be erected without a permit from the building official’s office • A 12 ft. firebreak shall be maintained between all cooking tents • Tents shall be labeled and certified as flame resistant. A flame retardant certificate shall be kept on site and available to the fire officialCombustible materials (hay, mulch, straw, shavings, etc) shall not be located in any tent. All combustible trash shall be removed daily. • All tents shall have portable fire extinguishers Cooking: • All cooking appliances or any devices with open flames or heating elements must be on the outer edge of the tent, preferably the rear or sides of the tent. • All electrical appliances shall be installed & maintained in accordance with good fire safety practices. • Tent flaps/side curtains may not be down while cooking appliances are in use • Extension cord shall be of the three prong type approved for outdoor use only and shall not be subject to physical damage by pedestrian or vehicular damage • Any structure under which food cooking takes place must be inspected by the fire official • Turkey fryers are NOT permitted on City property • The venders need to take safety precautions to keep the public from accessing hot cooking surfaces, open flame/heating elements, steam tables or other cooking areas. They may use tables, screens, etc • Trailers with a range hood system is required to have a 40BC extinguisher • You are NOT to wash down greasy equipment such as deep fat fryers on site causing waste run off into the storm drains and grassy areas. The dirty cooking equipment shall not be washed over the storm drains, with hoses in the grass or in the middle of walk ways. • Charcoal grills shall be used outside the tent area and on a flat, stable non‐combustible surface. • Cooking tents will either have 1‐ 40BC or K type extinguisher location accessible and visible to all occupants of the tent for immediate use. All areas with “pig cookers” shall have a fire extinguisher. The extinguishers must have current inspection tags and be operational. Newly purchased fire extinguishers may use the sales slip to show the inspector that they are within code. • The event organizer shall have proper containers for waste water and grease. You will be responsible to clean up over flow & spillage if it occurs when using these containers. Please alert the event organizer i...
Tents a. At Exhibitor and/or Food Vendor’s request, SMACC will provide a 10’ x 10’ canopy or tenting for use during the event for a non-refundable fee of $125. All requests must be received by Friday, May 12, 2017. Any request received after Friday, May 12, 2017 is subject to availability.
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Tents. Canopy type tents are permitted (no sides). However, they may not be staked into the ground to prevent damage to our underground electric, gas and irrigation systems. I have read and completely understand the above agreement: Signed Date RENTAL FEES Rental Fee $ Date Paid Receipt Number Signed (office use) Date * * * THERE WILL BE A $30 SERVICE FEE CHARGED FOR ALL RETURNED CHECKS * * * PARKING PASSES Number of parking passes $ Date Paid Receipt Number Pass No. through pass no.
Tents. All tents require specific approval. 10x10 or 12x12 foot “pop-up” tents or canopies with no sides are permitted provided the stakes to secure such are no longer than 10 inches and that the tents are placed at least 5 feet apart. Larger tents and tents with sides are required to adhere to Indian River County Ordinance related to fire prevention. Please call 000-0000 for more information. Before staking larger tents into the ground, you will be required to arrange for a “locate” for underground utilities. Stage Two (2) rental units. Trans-Stage: Full size, 24’ x 40’; Half size, 12’ x 40’; Ground to Deck, 43”; Folded Height, 9’8”; Folded Width, 7’8”; Tongue: 7’. Deluxe Mobile Stage w/Canopy: Aluminum. Performance dimensions – 24’width x 16’ depth. Height from deck to canopy: front height of 12’6” and rear height of 9’6”. Includes stairs with handrail. Additional options include stage backdrop, sidewalls, 12’ long equipment ramp, professional lights and 4’ x 4’ side stage extensions for speakers. Requires flat surface and 22’ wide clearance. Daily rental fees apply. Pricing includes set up and removal by Recreation Department staff only. There is an additional charge of $50.00 per hour fee for either stage, if set up or take down is during unscheduled hours (weekdays after 2:30 p.m. and weekends,) and a $75.00 per hour fee during holidays.
Tents. Vendors are required to provide their own tent and all equipment necessary to their operation. Tent size is strictly limited to the size approved during application process.
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