Cigarettes Sample Clauses

Cigarettes. The price charged by McLane and to be paid by The Pantry for cigarettes shall be the [***] (as defined below); plus, any applicable [***] (as defined below); plus, all applicable [***] (including all [***] and any per-carton or per-pack [***] on cigarettes); plus any applicable [***] (as defined below) ); provided that, [***]. If applicable and to the extent allowed by law, McLane shall pay The Pantry the rebates (if any) set forth in Exhibit A. Any changes to the rebates provided for in Exhibit A must be mutually agreed upon and justified by documented actions by the manufacturer. For purposes of this Agreement:
Cigarettes. The price charged by McLane and to be paid by Stripes for cigarettes shall be the then-current Manufacturer’s List; plus, [***]. In the event of any post-Effective Date increase or decrease in the per-carton amounts payable to McLane, or discounts available to McLane (or both), from a cigarette Manufacturer related to the purchase of cigarettes from such Manufacturer by McLane, then McLane may decrease or increase, or newly impose, as applicable, an additional markup on affected brands by an amount equal to the per-carton change in such Manufacturer’s terms.
Cigarettes. The price charged by McLane and to be paid by Stripes for cigarettes shall be the then-current Manufacturer’s List (as defined below); plus, [***]
Cigarettes. Please carry an ashtray or a soda can. Do not leave cigarette butts on the ground.

Related to Cigarettes

  • Food Only persons approved from time to time by Landlord may prepare, solicit orders for, sell, serve or distribute food in or around the Project. Except as may be specified in the Lease or on construction drawings for the Premises approved by Landlord, and except for microwave cooking, Tenant will not use the Premises for preparing or dispensing food, or soliciting of orders for sale, serving or distribution of food.

  • Weapons Possession of any weapon or ammunition is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to guns, swords and knives with the blade over five and a half inches. Possession of facsimile weapons is also prohibited. This includes but is not limited to pellet guns, air soft pistols and B.B. guns. Serious injury has occurred in situations where facsimile weapons have been mistaken for actual weapons.

  • Devices BNY Mellon will restrict the transfer of Customer Data from its network to mass storage devices. BNY Mellon will use a mobile device management system or equivalent tool when mobile computing is used to provide the services. Applications on such authenticated devices will be housed within an encrypted container and BNY Mellon will maintain the ability to remote wipe the contents of the container.

  • Firearms The Resident agrees to comply with University policy which states that firearms are not allowed on University property, and acknowledges that California Penal Code section 626.9 prohibits the possession of firearms on University of California property.

  • Alcoholic Beverages USER hereby acknowledges and agrees that no alcoholic beverages shall consumed or possessed by USER its agents, contractors, employees, patrons, performers or guests while in, on or about the Authorized Area.

  • Containers An extra charge will be made for returnable containers and special shipping devices (such as oil barrels, reels, tarpaulins, commutator clamps, etc.) where they are consigned to the Purchaser, but refund will be made if returned in good condition to the factory, or other points designated by EXION, within ninety (90) days from the date of original shipment, charges prepaid.

  • Merchandise Artist/Performer will not sell any products at the Engagement, including but not limited to the sale of CDs, records, tapes or other mementos, unless agreed upon in advance in writing by Barnard.

  • Packaging 7.1 DTH Operator undertakes to ZEEL that it shall package Zee Group Channels as per applicable law including but not limited to the relevant regulations notified by TRAI. DTH Operator undertakes to ZEEL that no Zee Group Channel shall be included in any package or tier that contains any channel with pornographic content or any gambling channel/content.

  • Safety Glasses Section 1. The City shall supply prescription safety glasses with plastic lenses to employees who are required to wear safety glasses and who are members of the classifications contained in Appendix C to this contract. Safety glasses which are authorized must be industrial grade safety glasses which meet or exceed the requirements of ANSI Specification Z87.1. All employees who are required to wear safety glasses shall also be required to wear side xxxxxxx, either permanent or snap-on, whenever an eye hazard exists. Solid tinted glasses will not be approved unless required by prescription. Photogray, progressive, scratch coating and/or anti-glare lenses may be considered for those employees who primarily work outdoors or as prescribed. In the event that additional classes are identified as needing either prescription safety glasses or protective eyewear, such classes may be added to the classification list in Appendix C upon approval of PAGE and the City.

  • Smoking Persons working under Agreement shall adhere to local smoking policies. Smoking will only be permitted in posted areas or off premises.