Beach Sample Clauses

Beach. Open weekdays from 12 pm to 8 pm unless closed due to weather or high water. Saturday and Sunday hours are 11 am to 8 pm. Beach hours might change due to the weather conditions or when school is in session. Signs are posted on the beach, open or closed. Beach rules are posted at the beach. Beach attendants and any other Campground employee have the authority to send individuals off the beach for a specific period of time for not following the posted rules, verbal requests or causing harm or potential harm to themselves or another person. A parent or other responsible adult must accompany children under 12 years of age – the beach attendant is not a babysitter. PETS Pets are welcome. All pets must be registered with the Campground upon registration. All pets must be kept on a leash, no longer then 6 feet or tied and under the owners’ control. They are not to be loose. Pet cleanup is a must. Xxxx must be attended to at all times. Pets are not to be left unattended in RV Units or on site. Pets are to be quiet. If your dog is a xxxxxx, please take them home. The Campground, without notice, reserve the right to limit the number of pets of any kind. Absolutely no aggressive or vicious animals are permitted in the Campground. All inoculations are required for the pet to be in the Campground. Electric fences are not acceptable for sites as pet is to be leashed. No dog boxes are to be on your site unless it is a commercially constructed portable unit. The Campground reserves the right to say where any pet is to be kept and cage/house is to be located. The cage size is to be a commercial transportation size. Pets must be covered by liability insurance of $1000,000 minimum. MISCELLEANEOUS
Beach. Driving on the beach in front of the hotel or Lodges is strictly prohibited. Camping and the use of tents is also strictly prohibited. Bon Fire Policy Fires are not allowed on the beach in front of the hotel or the restaurant. This is due to the extremely dry and hazardous conditions around the property, but also due to the high volume of complaints received when smoke permeates guest rooms. Burning driftwood is not permitted in the city of Xxxxx. Small fires which do not interfere with other guests, and are smaller than 3 feet in height, width, and length, are permitted on city property north of Land’s End. However, we request that your fire be at least 50 feet from any building, stairs, or structure, below the high tide line, monitored continuously, and thoroughly extinguished. Fires and large gatherings on the beach will be restricted after 10:00 PM. If we receive any complaints due to a fire, we will require it to be extinguished immediately.
Beach. Hours are 8am – dusk. No bikes or pets on the beach. No glass bottles on the beach or in the water. No swimming after dark. NO LITTERING on or around the beach area. NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY. It is the responsibility of the camper to supervise their children and guests. Releasing Lazy Days Campground, Inc. from all liability for any accidents that may occur.
Beach. Lessee covenants and agrees that Lessee will, at its cost and expense, keep the section of the Honokahua Beach immediately fronting the Premises in a clean and orderly condition, free of litter and rubbish to the water's edge.
Beach. Both xxxxx and pebbly, an open coastal strip, is equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable time on the beach.
Beach. Beach use is free of charge subject to availability, prior reservation need it .
Beach. The City shall be responsible for constructing and maintaining any 29 access necessary to connect the DRI project road to the Public Beach boundary 30 (the “Public Beach Access”), and the Developer shall provide an easement for 31 ingress and egress to the City as may be necessary to construct and maintain the 1 Public Beach Access. If the Developer and the City after negotiating in good 2 faith do not reach agreement on the terms of an operational agreement prior to 3 issuance of the first certificate of occupancy (or equivalent authorization as to 4 non-residential square footage) in Phase II, this Special Condition 29(b) shall 5 terminate and the Developer shall be released from any DRI condition with 6 regard to conveyance of the Public Beach. The conveyance of the Public Beach 7 site and access easement to the City shall include a deed restriction limiting the 8 use of the site to the above listed uses and including such right of re-entry and 9 easement termination.
Beach. This hotel is situated 450 meters away from the Municipal beach of Rethymnon, which xxxxx with some gravels. The access to the sea is xxxxx with pebbles. Beach service is chargeable.
Beach. For the swimming beach — directly in front of the Clubhouse-Pool: 1 For safety reasons, no power boating or water skiing between shore and moorage buoys; this area is reserved for swimming. 2 In order to keep the swimming beach safe for our children, it is requested that no fires be made on this area of the beach.
Beach. It is awarded with "European Blue Flag". A wide xxxxx beach (500 m long), located 100 meters from the hotel. The entrance to the beach is through a tunnel. Upon request, our guests can use the services of the club car. Entrance to the sea is xxxxx. Sun beds and umbrellas, as well as beach towels on the beach are free of charge. Territory: • Swimming pools: 2 with fresh water and 1 covered heated • Shops (jewellery, mini market, clothing store) • Wi-Fi in public areas (free of charge) • Wi-Fi high-speed (chargeable) • Currency exchange • Bicycle rental (mountain, chargeable) • Poolside umbrellas, sun beds: free of charge • Laundry (upon request, chargeable) • Beauty saloon • Fitness centre • TV lounge • Doctor on call (chargeable)