Temporary Changes Sample Clauses

Temporary Changes. Faculty members are required to teach all classes as scheduled (time, location and day) unless otherwise approved in advance by the Program Director. Requests for temporary changes shall be made in writing and submitted to the administrator at least two (2) days in advance of the requested change unless otherwise agreed to by the Program Director.
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Temporary Changes. Temporary changes in shift assignment will be made based upon program needs and seniority. All things being equal, changes shall be made in inverse order of seniority.
Temporary Changes a. At the request of any person holding a valid building moving permit issued by the County, and upon at least 96 hours notice, the Company shall temporarily raise, lower, or cut its wires as may be necessary to facilitate such move.
Temporary Changes. Subject to the needs of SNS as determined by the Director of SNS, any temporary change in assignment shall be based on seniority, with the temporary change of assignment offered voluntarily first to the most senior. If there are no volunteers, then the employee with least seniority will be assigned. Said assignment will be made in writing to the employee and the Union, and shall include the starting and ending date.
Temporary Changes. The Agency will make temporary changes in an employee's work schedule due to work-related needs.
Temporary Changes. Employees may be required to report to their regular worksite for previously unscheduled training, other meetings, to perform work on a short term basis and for unanticipated operational exigencies to perform work that cannot otherwise be performed at the alternative worksite or accomplished via telephone or other reasonable alternative methods. In such cases, employees will be provided reasonable advance notice when possible and a reasonable amount of time to report based on the employee’s alternative worksite location.
Temporary Changes. A. Employees may be required to report to their regular duty site for previously scheduled training, other meetings, or to perform work on a short term basis that cannot otherwise be performed at the alternate duty site or accomplished via telephone or other reasonable alternative methods.
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Temporary Changes. Any temporary change in an employee's regularly scheduled working days and/or hours will result in the employee being informed with as much advanced notice as possible; a minimum of two (2) weeks notification shall preferably be given before a change in schedule is implemented.
Temporary Changes. Individual employees have the right to suggest to their supervisor temporary changes in their shift starting and ending times to facilitate working in a classroom to perform scheduled work when students are not present. Employees who experience changes in personal circumstances, which can reasonably be accommodated by an adjustment to their shift times, have the right to request such of their immediate supervisor. In acting upon such requests, the Supervisor has the sole discretionary right to determine how, if at all, the shift can be adjusted such that the delivery of services is not hampered. The parties to this Agreement may mutually agree to schedule a non-standard work week which could consist of ten (10) hours per day for four days.
Temporary Changes. Genco shall (1) schedule all changes that are the subject of a Change Control Document so as not to unreasonably interrupt Streamline's business operations, (2) prepare and deliver to Streamline a quarterly rolling schedule for ongoing and planned changes for the next 90-day period, (3) monitor the status of changes that are the subject of a Change Control Document that has been accepted by Streamline against the applicable schedule, (4) in the case of Genco Change Requests performed on a temporary basis to maintain the continuity of the Services, document and provide to Streamline notification no later than the next business day after the change is made (which notice may be given orally provided that such oral notice is confirmed in writing to Streamline within 5 days) of all Genco changes.
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