Teaching Staff Sample Clauses

Teaching Staff. A dynamic group of staff with a broad range of expertise teach on the programme and bring a wealth of experience acquired through fundamental and applied research across a diverse range of areas. Some current staff members are internationally recognised leaders in their field and manage research groups comprising postgraduate research students and postdoctoral researchers, some of whom contribute to the teaching on the programme. Reflecting the diverse range of research expertise, some staff members also contribute to the Forensic Science, and Applied Environmental Science programmes at Keele. Many current teaching staff hold, or are working towards an accredited Higher Education Teaching qualification and many are Fellows of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA), the professional body for teachers in Higher Education. A number of the teaching staff have established a national reputation for excellence in teaching and learning and have been recognised for their innovation in teaching through university and national teaching excellence awards, and the attraction of funding for teaching innovation projects. The University will attempt to minimise changes to our core teaching teams, however, delivery of the programme depends on having a sufficient number of staff with the relevant expertise to ensure that the programme is taught to the appropriate academic standard.Staff turnover, for example where key members of staff leave, fall ill or go on research leave, may result in changes to the programme's content. The University will endeavour to ensure that any impact on students is limited if such changes occur.
Teaching Staff. Standards MA programme:The composition (quantity, qualifications, professional and international experience, etc.) of the staff is appropriate for the achievement of the intended learning outcomes.Staff involved with teaching is qualified and competent to do so.Transparent procedures are in place for the recruitment and development of the staff. [ESG 1.5]Standards PhD programme:The qualification of supervisory staff (m/f) is appropriate to ensure that doctoral students are su- pervised at the correct academic level.The personnel are sufficient in number to safeguard supervision arrangements on the doctoral programme.The remit of supervisors is clear and transparent. DescriptionFull-time staff at WACCI currently comprises five full professors, two associate professors, four senior lecturers and nine lecturers, according the university. Part-time faculty covers teaching as well. Recruitment procedures are fixed and decisions about recruitment are made by the College Appointments and Promotions Committee based on recommendations by the School Manage- ment Committee and Department. Opportunities for professional development of staff are defined in policy guidelines on staff development. Newly recruited staff, for example, will receive orienta- tion including teaching methods at the Education department.Due to the worldwide network of WACCI, teaching staff are complemented by guest lecturers from world class experts who are invited on a regular basis, as outlined in the SER. The university supports its faculty in their research with the creation of an Office of Research Innovation and Development, which helps in providing external funding. Experts’ Evaluation for both programmesThe experts positively recognize that there is a clear scheme of supervision of the students in place and tasks of supervisors are well defined. It became obvious that the supervisors generally practice an “open door policy”. This approach facilitates and encourages the exchange of infor- mation between supervisors with the students. Coordination activities are well defined and due to the clear intake procedure major coordination happens in the very early stages of the pro- grammes. The personal communication is supported by a clear and accessible website providing key information on the programmes, their structures and requirements. In the discussions during the site visit the Master and doctoral students explained that the communication between them and the supervisor takes place via e...
Teaching Staff. ESG 1.5) Sub-areas
Teaching Staff. Nursery Manager Nursery Assistant Preschool Teacher Preschool AssistantJK Teacher & EYFS Coordinator JK AssistantSK Teacher SK AssistantGrade 1 TeacherGrade 2 TeacherGrade 3 TeacherGrade 4 TeacherGrade 5 TeacherGrade 6 Teacher & Science Teacher Grade 7 TeacherFrench & Spanish Teacher SEN TeacherMusic Teacher Library Teacher Computing TeacherESL & Swimming Teacher
Teaching Staff add rows as needed) Names Languages and specialisms taught Full Time/ Part Time/ Freelance Experience, including service with the present organisation Qualifications (TFL and other)
Teaching Staff. A. Certificate - A teacher shall possess an appropriate valid Washington State Certificate for the particular position being filled.
Teaching Staff. PAY REVIEWS The Pay Committee will ensure that each teacher’s salary is reviewed annually, with effect from 1 September, and that all teachers are given a written statement setting out their salary and any other financial benefits to which they are entitled. Where a teacher is on long term absence at the relevant time consideration will be given to adjusting the timing on a case by case basis. Within one month of the determination, the teacher will be provided with an individual written statement setting out their salary and any allowances to which they are entitled, and advising where a copy of this policy (including the staffing structure) may be inspected. Pay reviews for all teachers, including the Headteacher, will be based on performance as recorded through staff appraisal. Every appraisal report will contain a pay recommendation. Final decisions about whether or not to accept a pay recommendation will be made by the Pay Committee, having regard to the appraisal report and taking into account advice from the senior leadership team. Judgements on pay decisions will be made against the extent to which teachers have met their individual objectives and the relevant standards and how they have contributed to student progress; wider outcomes for student; specific elements of practice; and have made a wider contribution to the work of the school. Reviews may take place at other times of the year to reflect any changes in circumstances or job description that lead to a change in the basis for calculating an individual’s pay. A written statement will be given after any review and where applicable will give information about the basis on which it was made. PAY RANGE FOR LEADERSHIP GROUP Pay range for the Headteacher When determining the leadership pay range the Governing body must take into account all of the permanent responsibilities of the role, any challenges that are specific to the role, and all other relevant considerations. In the case of a new appointment, the Governing body may wish to take into account the extent to which the leadership pay range reflects how closely their preferred candidate meets the requirements of the post. The Governing body must ensure that there is appropriate scope within the range to allow for performance related progression over time. It should also re-determine the Headteacher’s pay range if it becomes necessary to change the Headteacher group (including where the Headteacher becomes responsible and accountable for more t...
Teaching Staff. Except as provided in Section 9.01.3, OP shall have initial, final, and sole non-delegable authority to select, supervise, manage, assign, evaluate, develop, advance, compensate, and establish any other terms of employment of the School’s teachers, teaching assistants, para-professionals, curriculum specialists, program coordinators, and any persons assigned to the School, whether employed or contracted by the District or OP. OP shall have initial, final, and sole non- delegable authority over the terms and conditions under which staff from institutions of higher education are assigned to the School but shall coordinate such assignments as necessary with the District. OP has the initial and final non-delegable authority to hire, supervise, manage, assign, evaluate, develop, advance, compensate, continue employment, and establish any other terms of employment for its employees. OP authority over compensation includes authority to independently apply for and allocate funds available through the Teacher Incentive Allotment or participate in the District’s application and allocation process.
Teaching Staff. The OP shall have full and complete authority over staffing decisions at the school. District employees shall have the opportunity to apply for an assignment to the School. All assignments and rescissions of such assignments to the School shall be determined by the OP.
Teaching Staff. The teaching staff shall include all regularly employed full and part-time classroom teachers, librarians, counselors, and District Technology Coordinator. Regularly employed part-time teachers, librarians, and counselors shall be included in the bargaining unit but their salaries and benefits shall be based on their fractionalized employment status. If an employee is regularly employed for thirty (30) hours or more per week, the Board shall pay the full amount for health insurance benefits as it pays a full- time employee (as stated in Section 1 of Article IX of the Agreement). If an employee is regularly employed for less than thirty (30) hours per week, the Board shall not contribute towards an individual insurance policy and the employee shall not be eligible for the District's group insurance.