Accumulation of Seniority Sample Clauses

Accumulation of Seniority. The seniority of an employee shall continue to accrue during an absence due to:
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Accumulation of Seniority. Unless otherwise agreed by the parties concerned, a Journeyperson or Apprentice in a Skilled Trade will have date-of-entry seniority in such Skilled Trade and shall continue to accumulate plant-wide seniority.
Accumulation of Seniority. Seniority shall be accumulated in hours. An employee shall earn seniority for:
Accumulation of Seniority. Once the probationary period is successfully completed, the employee’s seniority shall be retroactive to the employee’s hiring date.
Accumulation of Seniority. An employee shall continue to accumulate seniority during any absence due to industrial or non-industrial accident or illness, leaves of absence for Association business, lay-off until the right of recall expires, paid leaves of absence provided for under the present Collective Agreement, maternity and parental leave, and unpaid authorized leave of absence. Employees on unpaid authorized leaves of absence shall only continue to accumulate seniority for a maximum period of twelve (12) months.
Accumulation of Seniority. In the following cases, seniority shall accumulate to employees:
Accumulation of Seniority. The seniority of an individual at any time (subject to the other sections of this Article 14) shall be:
Accumulation of Seniority. Seniority shall accumulate during the whole length of continuous employment in the bargaining unit. Seniority shall also continue to accumulate when an employee in Group 2 accepts to work outside the bargaining unit as a result of a requirement of a temporary modified tour of duty.
Accumulation of Seniority. (a) Service seniority shall be defined as the length of continuous service with the College since the last date of hiring plus the aggregate length of all periods of employment with the College after April 1, 1980, where no break in service exceeds two (2) years. Such service seniority shall include all continuous service with the Public Service of British Columbia prior to the Meld which took place October 1, 1975.
Accumulation of Seniority. Seniority shall continue to accumulate during any paid leave, and for the first thirty (30) days of any unpaid leave. Seniority shall continue to accumulate during the entire period of sick leave, long term disability leave, WSIB, pregnancy leave, parental leave or Union leave.