Team Teaching Sample Clauses

Team Teaching. Team-teaching is defined as two (2) or more Academic instructors jointly assigned to teach the same class in the same room at the same time. Team-teaching classes may be utilized only with the permission of the responsible instructors.
Team Teaching. Whenever two (2) or more members of the bargaining unit are appointed to team-teach a course, each shall be paid a prorated portion of the stipend otherwise payable under this Agreement for the teaching of such course. The stipend shall be at least that corresponding to the highest academic rank held by any of the members of the bargaining unit who are team-teaching such course. The percentage of the course that each member of the bargaining unit will be teaching shall be spelled out in the letter of appointment.
Team Teaching. When two (2) teachers combine their total students throughout the entire day, the class load for each teacher will be calculated by dividing the total combined number of students in both classes by two (2).
Team Teaching. Unless otherwise requested by the team teachers, the District will make reasonable effort to maintain full staffing in the event team teachers are absent. Additionally, reasonable effort will be made to not disrupt the team teaching classroom to cover other staffing needs. Substitute teachers will be used when possible. This subsection cannot be grieved beyond step 2.
Team Teaching. 24.1 Definition: Team teaching is a pedagogical technique that includes two or more faculty members providing instruction in one or more sections through collaboration. Team teaching may also include integration of disciplines.
Team Teaching. When a course is team taught, teaching load shall be pro-rated among the assigned teaching faculty.
Team Teaching. 00-0-0 Xxx Xxxxxxxx and the Association recognize that team teaching may be necessary and/or desirable due to space limitations or other educational considerations. The Parties also recognize that the teachers who will make up the teams must work closely and in concert with one another. Therefore, when selecting teachers to team together, the following considerations will be given in order to provide the best possible educations for students.
Team Teaching. Team teaching assignments may be made by mutual agreement between faculty and administration. The faculty loads, both credits and contact hours, for instructors involved in team teaching shall be determined prior to the semester in which the course is offered and must be agreed to by the administration and the faculty members involved in the course. In no case may the total faculty credits be fewer than the credits for the course, nor may the total faculty contact hours be fewer than those for students in the course.
Team Teaching. For the purpose of this contract, team teaching will be defined as one (1) class sec- tion taught by multiple faculty who are each in instructional contact concurrently with all students in the section. With prior written approval of the Vice President of teaching, Learning and student Development, faculty shall each be granted voluntary overload pay for participating in team teaching. The maximum class size for the purpose of team teaching will be defined as in the agreed upon Master Course table. Courses designated in the class schedule for team teaching shall be taught only with a team teaching approach. If the minimum class size is not reached the Vice President of teaching, Learning and student Development may cancel the class.