THE PROJECT MANUAL. The Project Manual is the volume usually assembled for the Work which may include the bidding requirements, sample forms, General and Supplemental Conditions of the Contract and Specifications.
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THE PROJECT MANUAL. The Project Manual is a volume assembled for the Work which may include Addenda, prevailing wage requirements, program requirements, and Specifications. See attachments listed in Instructions to Bidders.
THE PROJECT MANUAL. The Project Manual is a volume assembled for the Work which may include the bidding requirements, sample forms and Specifications. If no Project Manual has been prepared, all references to the Project Manual shall be interpreted as if replaced with a reference to the Specifications.
THE PROJECT MANUAL. The Project Manual is the volume usually assembled for the Work which may include the bidding requirements, sample forms, Cherokee Nation Entertainment Standard Construction Terms and Conditions, the Contract, and Specifications.


  • Technical Specifications The Technical Specifications furnished on the CD are intended to establish the standards for quality, performance and technical requirements for all labor, workmanship, material, methods and equipment necessary to complete the Work. When specifications and drawings are provided or referenced by the County, these are to be considered part of the Scope of Work, and to be specifically documented in the Detailed Scope of Work. For convenience, the County supplied specifications, if any, and the Technical Specifications furnished on the CD.

  • Operations Manual The Franchisor agrees to loan to the Franchisee one or more manuals, technical bulletins, cookbooks and recipes and other written materials (collectively referred to as “Operations Manual”) covering Factory Candy ordering, Store Candy manufacturing, processing and stocking and other operating and in-store marketing techniques for the ROCKY MOUNTAIN CHOCOLATE FACTORY Store. The Franchisee agrees that it shall comply with the Operations Manual as an essential aspect of its obligations under this Agreement, that the Operations Manual shall be deemed to be incorporated herein by reference and failure by the Franchisee to substantially comply with the Operations Manual may be considered by the Franchisor to be a breach of this Agreement.

  • Statement of Work The Contractor shall provide the services and staff, and otherwise do all things necessary for or incidental to the performance of work, as set forth below:

  • Scope of Work The Contractor has overall responsibility for and shall provide and furnish all materials, equipment, tools and labor as necessary or reasonably inferable to complete the Work, or any phase of the Work, in accordance with the Owner’s requirements and the terms of the Contract Documents.

  • Project Plan Development of Project Plan Upon the Authorized User’s request, the Contractor must develop a Project Plan. This Project Plan may include Implementation personnel, installation timeframes, escalation procedures and an acceptance plan as appropriate for the Services requested. Specific requirements of the plan will be defined in the RFQ. In response to the RFQ, the Contractor must agree to furnish all labor and supervision necessary to successfully perform Services procured from this Lot. Project Plan Document The Contractor will provide to the Authorized User, a Project Plan that may contain the following items: • Name of the Project Manager, Contact Phone Numbers and E-Mail Address; • Names of the Project Team Members, Contact Phone Numbers and E-Mail Address; • A list of Implementation milestones based on the Authorized User’s desired installation date; • A list of responsibilities of the Authorized User during system Implementation; • A list of designated Contractor Authorized Personnel; • Escalation procedures including management personnel contact numbers; • Full and complete documentation of all Implementation work; • Samples of knowledge transfer documentation; and • When applicable, a list of all materials and supplies required to complete the Implementation described in the RFQ. Materials and Supplies Required to Complete Implementation In the event that there are items required to complete an Implementation, the Contractor may request the items be added to its Contract if the items meet the scope of the Contract. Negotiation of Final Project Plan If the Authorized User chooses to require a full Project Plan, the State further reserves the right for Authorized Users to negotiate the final Project Plan with the apparent RFQ awardee. Such negotiation must not substantively change the scope of the RFQ plan, but can alter timeframes or other incidental factors of the final Project Plan. The Authorized User will provide the Contractor a minimum of five (5) business days’ notice of the final negotiation date. The Authorized User reserves the right to move to the next responsible and responsive bidder if Contractor negotiations are unsuccessful.

  • Project Schedule Construction must begin within 30 days of the date set forth in Appendix A, Page 2, for the start of construction, or this Agreement may become null and void, at the sole discretion of the Director. However, the Recipient may apply to the Director in writing for an extension of the date to initiate construction. The Recipient shall specify the reasons for the delay in the start of construction and provide the Director with a new start of construction date. The Director will review such requests for extensions and may extend the start date, providing that the Project can be completed within a reasonable time frame.

  • Project Scope The physical scope of the Project shall be limited to only those capital improvements as described in Appendix A of this Agreement. In the event that circumstances require a change in such physical scope, the change must be approved by the District Committee, recorded in the District Committee's official meeting minutes, and provided to the OPWC Director for the execution of an amendment to this Agreement.

  • Deliverables Upon satisfactory completion of the work authorization, the Engineer shall submit the deliverables as specified in the executed work authorization to the State for review and acceptance.

  • Description of Work (a) that has been omitted or

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