Product Specifications Sample Clauses

Product Specifications. The Company agrees that all Products sold to Xxxx hereunder shall conform to the respective specifications set forth on Schedule A or to such other specifications as are from time to time agreed upon by the Parties.
Product Specifications. Each Product delivered by Lessee into storage or by Lessor from storage must meet the respective specifications set out in Exhibit “A” attached hereto and made a part hereof. Lessor reserves the right to modify, add to, or revise such specifications at any time and from time-to time upon giving not less than thirty (30) days prior written notice.
Product Specifications. (a) Each Product to be offered for trading through the Exchange will be defined by a Product Specification.
Product Specifications. The parties shall consult with each other in establishing Product specifications; provided, however, that all Product specifications shall be finally determined by Nomaco in Nomaco's sole discretion, after consultation with RBX.
Product Specifications. (a) Supplier shall manufacture all Products according to the Specifications in effect as of the date of this Agreement, with such changes or additions to the Specifications of the Products related thereto as shall be requested by Buyer in accordance with this Section or as otherwise agreed in writing by the Parties. All other Products shall be manufactured with such Specifications as the Parties shall agree in writing.
Product Specifications. The products and materials to be provided must meet the performance and technical requirements of the Contract Documents. Provide products complete with accessories, trim, finish, fasteners, and other items needed for a complete installation and indicated use and effect. If available, and unless custom products or non-standard options are specified, provide standard products of types that have been produced and used successfully in similar situations on other projects. The Commission reserves the right to limit selection to products with warranties that do not conflict with the requirements of the Contract Documents. Where products are accompanied by the termas selected,” the Authorized Commission Representative will provide the selection. Where products are accompanied by the term “match sample,” the sample to be matched is that provided by the Authorized Commission Representative. Where products are specified by name and accompanied by the term “or equal,” or “or approved equal,” or “or approved,” the product proposed by Design-Builder must be approved by the substitution process set forth in Section 13.06 below.
Product Specifications. A certificate of analysis shall accompany each shipment of the Merck Compound to Adaptimmune. Upon request, Adaptimmune shall provide Merck with a certificate of analysis covering each shipment of Adaptimmune Compound used in the Study.
Product Specifications. 2.1 The terms and conditions of this Supply Contract shall govern the purchase by Buyer from Seller of Wire, including the part numbers and specifications of which are listed on Exhibit A hereto which is, by this reference, incorporated herein, as amended from time to time (hereinafter "Existing Products(s)"), together with all Wire that is not an Existing Product, including Wire which results from a redesign, modification or enhancement of an Existing Product (the "Developed Product(s)" and, together with the Existing Products, the "Products(s)"). In the event that there are Developed Products which Buyer desires to purchase for the Present Business, Buyer shall give reasonably sufficient advance notice of its requirements for such Developed Products to Seller so that Seller can produce in a commercially reasonable time period a written production plan to demonstrate Seller's ability to supply such Developed Products for the Present Business. In the event that Seller can reasonably demonstrate to Buyer its ability to supply such Developed Products for the Present Business, the Developed Products will be included in this Agreement as Products and an initial price shall be established for such Developed Product, in writing, by the parties hereto. The parties shall establish such price based on a comparative analysis for such Developed Products, including without limitation, reference to the current prices charged hereunder for an Existing Product similar in design or application to the Developed Product with due consideration to any change in cost associated with the materials used in the Developed Product in relation to the Existing Product and any development cost associated with such Developed Product; provided however such prices shall not exceed prices based on competitive quotes.
Product Specifications. Product supplied to Celltech by Orphan Medical shall meet the Product Specifications that are approved by the Regulatory Authorities in the Territory. Should the approved Product Specifications differ from the specifications contained in Orphan Medical's NDA which are set forth on Appendix C, the Product Specifications approved by the Regulatory Authorities shall control.