Protective Equipment Sample Clauses

Protective Equipment. 21.01 All employees shall wear safety hats to be made available by the Employer.
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Protective Equipment. 16.01 The Employer shall at all times provide safe working conditions to its employees.
Protective Equipment. 20.01 All employees will wear CSA approved safety hats to be made available by the Employer.
Protective Equipment. Licensee, and its employees and contractors, shall utilize and install adequate protective equipment to ensure the safety of people and facilities, consistent with Applicable Standards. Licensee shall at its own expense install protective devices designed to handle the voltage and current impressed on its Communications Facilities in the event of a contact with the supply conductor, as specified in Applicable Standards. Except as provided in Article 15.1, District shall not be liable for any actual or consequential damages to Licensee’s Communications Facilities or Licensee’s customers’ facilities.
Protective Equipment. The Employer shall make available appropriate personal protective equipment at no cost to the employee. If an employee destroys or damages the protective equipment provided to the employee, or loses the equipment where a secure space for storage has been provided, the employee will be responsible for the cost of replacement. Employees shall not be responsible for the cost of replacement for protective equipment that is replaced as a result of normal wear and tear, regularly scheduled replacement, or replacement resulting from circumstances beyond the employee’s control.
Protective Equipment. 16.01 The employees shall wear safety hats and safety boots purchased at their own expense.
Protective Equipment. (1) Contractor personnel may wear military-unique organizational clothing and individual equipment required for safety and security, such as ballistic, nuclear, biological, or chemical protective equipment. Any required protective equipment should be identified in the statement of work in the contract.
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Protective Equipment. All employees shall provide themselves with and maintain in good repair, a safety helmet and safety footwear. On normal contract job sites or in shops they shall provide themselves with suitable clothing as required by the Occupational Health and Safety Act. The employer shall provide all specialized equipment, e.g. safety glasses, glare xxxxxxx, welders’ gloves, welding xxxxxxx, painters’ masks or other specialized clothing necessary for the safe operation of an employee’s normal employment.
Protective Equipment. 15.01 The employees shall wear safety hats and other protective equipment, if required in their duties, purchased at the expense of the Employer.
Protective Equipment. 1. Proper safety devices and clothing shall be provided for all employees engaged in work where such devices are required to meet the requirements of state or federal regulations or district policy. Protective clothing and safety devices shall remain the property of the District.
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