Service Interruptions Sample Clauses

Service Interruptions. Service may be interrupted from time to time for a variety of reasons. We are not responsible for any interruptions of Service that occur due to acts of God (including weather), power failure or any other cause beyond our reasonable control. However, because we value our subscribers, for an interruption of a significant length of time that is within our reasonable control, upon your request we may provide what we reasonably determine to be a fair and equitable adjustment to your account to make up for the Service interruption. THIS WILL BE YOUR SOLE REMEDY AND OUR SOLE DUTY IN SUCH CASES. You acknowledge and agree that the Service is not intended to be, and should not be used as, your primary or “life-linetelecommunications service.
Service Interruptions. When necessary by reason of accident or emergency, or for repairs, alterations, replacements or improvements which in the reasonable judgment of Landlord are desirable or necessary to be made, or by reason of event(s) of Force Majeure, Landlord reserves the right to interrupt, curtail, stop or suspend (i) the furnishing of heating, elevator, air conditioning, and cleaning services and (ii) the operation of the plumbing and electric systems. Landlord shall exercise reasonable diligence to eliminate the cause of any such interruption, curtailment, stoppage or suspension, but there shall be no diminution or abatement of rent or other compensation due from Landlord to Tenant hereunder, nor shall this Lease be affected or any of the Tenant’s obligations hereunder reduced, and the Landlord shall have no responsibility or liability for any such interruption, curtailment, stoppage, or suspension of services or systems, except as provided herein. Landlord shall schedule all non-emergency interruptions, curtailments, stops or suspensions of services or systems in advance after consultation with Tenant, and shall make commercially reasonable efforts to avoid the same interfering with Tenant’s business. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Tenant shall be entitled to a proportionate abatement of Base Rent in the event of a Landlord Service Interruption (as defined below). For the purposes hereof, a “Landlord Service Interruption” shall occur in the event (i) the Premises shall lack any service which Landlord is required to provide hereunder thereby rendering at least fifty (50%) percent of the usable area of the Premises untenantable for the entirety of the Landlord Service Interruption Cure Period (as defined below), (ii) such lack of service was not caused by the act or omission of Tenant or any Tenant Party; (iii) Tenant in fact ceases to use at least fifty (50%) percent of the Premises for the entirety of the Landlord Service Interruption Cure Period; and (iii) such interruption of service was the result of causes, events or circumstances within the Landlord’s reasonable control and the cure of such interruption is within Landlord’s reasonable control. During such Landlord Service Interruption Period, Landlord will, if reasonably practical, cooperate with Tenant to arrange for the provision of any interrupted services on an interim basis via temporary measures until final corrective measures can be accomplished and Tenant will permit Landlord the necessary access to the...
Service Interruptions. We may need to interrupt your access to the Course to perform maintenance or emergency services on a scheduled or unscheduled basis. You agree that your access to the Course and/or Website may be affected by unanticipated or unscheduled downtime, for any reason, but that we shall have no liability for any damage or loss caused as a result of such downtime.
Service Interruptions. The characteristics and methods of operation of any circuits, facilities or equipment of either Party connected with the services, facilities or equipment of the other Party pursuant to this Agreement shall not: 1) interfere with or impair service over any facilities of the other Party, its affiliated companies, or its connecting and concurring Carriers involved in its services; 2) cause damage to the plant of the other Party, its affiliated companies, or its connecting concurring Carriers involved in its services; 3) violate any Applicable Law or regulation regarding the invasion of privacy of any communications carried over the Party’s facilities; or 4) create hazards to the employees of either Party or to the public. Each of these requirements is hereinafter referred to as an “Impairment of Service”.
Service Interruptions. Landlord shall not be liable for any damage to Tenant caused by any disruption of utility services to the Premises. Landlord shall not, in any way, be liable or responsible to Tenant for any loss, damage or expense which Tenant may incur if the quantity or character of utility services is changed or if a service is no longer available or suitable for Tenant's requirements. Landlord reserves the right, without being liable to Tenant and without abatement or diminution in Base Rent or Additional Rent, to temporarily suspend, delay or stop any of the utility services whenever necessary due to any cause specified in Section 32, or for emergency, inspection, repairs, replacements, alterations, improvements or renewals which in Landlord's reasonable judgment are desirable or necessary. Cessation of services due to any causes described in the preceding sentence, shall not render Landlord liable in any respect for damages to either person or property, nor be construed as an eviction of Tenant, nor work an abatement of Base Rent or Additional Rent, nor relieve Tenant from fulfillment of any covenant or agreement of this Lease. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, Landlord agrees that it shall make reasonable efforts in exercising the rights reserved to Landlord not to unreasonably inconvenience or interfere with Tenant's business operation while services are suspended, delayed or stopped. Tenant nonetheless shall have no right to terminate or repudiate this Lease, and shall have no claim for rebate or abatement of rent or damages, on account of any resulting interruptions in service occasioned thereby.
Service Interruptions. For purposes of this Lease, a “Service Failure” shall mean any interruption, suspension or termination of services being provided to Tenant by Landlord or by third-party providers, whether engaged by Tenant or pursuant to arrangements by such providers with Landlord, which are due to (1) the application of Laws; (2) the failure, interruption or malfunctioning of any electrical or mechanical equipment, utility or other service to the Building or Property; (3) the performance of repairs, maintenance, improvements or alterations; or (4) the occurrence of any other event or cause whether or not within the reasonable control of Landlord. No Service Failure shall render Landlord liable to Tenant, constitute a constructive eviction of Tenant, give rise to an abatement of Rent, or relieve Tenant from the obligation to fulfill any covenant or agreement. In no event shall Landlord be liable to Tenant for any loss or damage, including the theft of Tenant’s Property (defined in Article 14), arising out of or in connection with any Service Failure or the failure of any Building safety services, personnel or equipment.
Service Interruptions. TLO shall use reasonable commercial efforts to minimize the interruption of service at each Tank and/or any of the associated Pipeline(s). TLO shall promptly inform TRMC’s operational personnel of any anticipated partial or complete interruption of service at any Tank and/or associated Pipelines, including relevant information about the nature, extent, cause and expected duration of the interruption and the actions TLO is taking to resume full operations, provided that TLO shall not have any liability for any failure to notify, or delay in notifying, TRMC of any such matters except to the extent TRMC has been materially prejudiced or damaged by such failure or delay.
Service Interruptions. If at any time, in the reasonable exer­cise of (i) the System Operator's judgment, or (ii) with respect to portions of the T&D System subject to Seller's dispatch, the Seller's judgment, operation of Buyer's equipment might reason­ably be expected to have an adverse impact on the quality of service or interfere with the safe and reliable operation of the T&D System, Seller may discontinue Interconnection Service until the condition has been corrected. Unless the System Operator, or Seller perceives that an emergency exists or the risk of one is imminent, Seller shall give Buyer reasonable notice of its intention to discontinue Interconnection Service and, where practical, allow suitable time for Buyer to remove the interfer­ing condition. Seller's judgment with regard to the interruption of service under this paragraph shall be made pursuant to Good Utility Practices. In the case of such interruption, Seller shall promptly confer with Buyer regarding the conditions causing such interruption and its recommendation concerning timely correction thereof. In the event Interconnection Service is interrupted under this Section due to Buyer's events of default, Buyer shall compensate Seller for all costs reasonably incurred by Seller attributable to the interruption and restoration of Interconnection Service. Scheduled Maintenance Notification and Coordina­tion.