Definition of Power Outage

Power Outage means any period of at least one minute during which Customer is unable to utilize the Colocation Service due to Savvis' failure to provide Customer with the specified power in the* Customer Area for reasons other than an Excluded Event. All Power Outage measurements will be rounded to the nearest one minute increment.

Examples of Power Outage in a sentence

Power Outage: In the event of a power outage, Campus Safety will collaborate with Plant Services to monitor the situation.
As a result of the foregoing, the Commission found that the imposition of penalties on Hawaiian Electric for the 2008 Power Outage is unwarranted.
A Major Outage shall mean any Power Outage that lasts for at least ten (10) consecutive minutes and/or any Temperature Irregularity, in each case causing inoperability of Customers Equipment.
Please refer to the website for information on what to do in case of a Fire, Tornado, Building Evacuation, Suspicious Person or Object, or Power Outage at: response-information Students should review the Emergency Action Plan to be prepared.
Cost of Generation during a Power Outage - United Hebrew.....................................84 Table 41.