Service Location definition

Service Location means a location at which a member obtains a covered service provided by a physician or other licensed practitioner of the healing arts under the terms of a contract.
Service Location means the organization where or with which a member actually provides his or her service in the community. Typical service locations are schools, food banks, health clinics, community parks, etc. The service location may be the same as the operating site, but only if the member actually serves at or with the operating site organization. A member may serve at multiple service locations, all of which must be listed in the portal, although the program must select only one for the member’s primary assignment.
Service Location means the country or territory in which We operate and provide Services to You as identified in the relevant Application Form.

Examples of Service Location in a sentence

  • Upon submission of an order for Service, Customer may port a telephone number within the rate center for its particular Service Location to Spectrum Business for use with Communications Services.

  • The agents and employees of Spectrum Business shall have the right to enter the Service Location at any reasonable hour for the purpose of installing, inspecting, maintaining or repairing Spectrum Business Equipment, instruments and/or lines, or upon termination of the Communications Service, for the purpose of removing such Spectrum Business Equipment, instruments and/or lines.

  • Customer shall permit Spectrum Business reasonable access to the Service Locations to inspect the Service Location at periodic intervals as needed to ascertain, among other things, the number of television outlets receiving the TV Service or verify the estimated viewing occupancy.

  • Spectrum Business may perform an installation review of each Service Location prior to installation of the Services to determine serviceability or the need to extend Spectrum Business' facilities, fiber optic cable, electronics, or other equipment (collectively, the "Network") to provide the Services at the Service Location.

  • Upon request, Customer shall provide Spectrum Business with accurate site and/or physical network diagrams or maps of a Service Location, including electrical and other utility service maps, prior to the installation review.

More Definitions of Service Location

Service Location means the premises at which the Service is supplied, or where you have requested that the Service be supplied;
Service Location means the structures, facilities, or improvements on a parcel of real property to which electric service may be provided.
Service Location means the address at which you are receiving power from Payless Power; “ERCOT” means the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, the grid operator in most parts of Texas; “PUCT” means the Public Utility Commission of Texas, an agency that regulates the state’s electric industry; “SUP” means the Summary of Usage and Payment; “TDU” is the Transmission and Distribution Utility, an independent company (separate from Payless Power) that owns and maintains the poles and wires that deliver electricity to you.
Service Location means the location or delivery point to which a metered service is provided by Licensee and/or Licensee Customer, if authorized, that is managed by the Licensed Software.
Service Location means any location at which a member obtains any health care service provided by a contractor of record under the terms of a contract.
Service Location means the location(s) where the Services will be provided, as set out in the Statement of Work.
Service Location means the structures, facilities, or improvements on a parcel of real